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Influencer marketing: A door of opportunities waiting to be knocked at the end of this season!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Is your brand building a human connection with the audience?

Influencer Marketing

The festive season is the time of year when brands throw on their sparkliest outfits, dust off their jolliest slogans, and engage in an all-out battle for the spotlight. It's the season where every brand wants to be the belle of the ball, and the dance floor is none other than the vast expanse of consumer attention. Picture it: a dazzling arena where attention spans are short, and the competition is fierce. To stand out, brands embark on a marketing extravaganza, weaving a tapestry of digital and traditional strategies.

As the festive season is ongoing, the online shopping fervor intensifies. "Across various platforms, there has been an increase in digital media consumption, which has paved new ways of advertising. Given that digital media is expected to grow in spending by 45%, it should be the key focus for brands." says Lakshmi Balasubramaniam (founder of Greenroom Now). Intriguingly, this surge was not limited to metropolitan areas, as 50 million e-commerce buyers hailed from tier 2 cities and below, showcasing the widespread influence of digital festivities. The festive season seems like a battlefield of billboards, hashtags, and jingles—an annual showdown where only the most festive, witty, and attention-grabbing campaigns emerge victorious, converting into sales.

Engaging the Digital Diaspora: In the festive season, it becomes crucial for advertising agencies to formulate comprehensive multichannel strategies that embrace both digital platforms & and traditional media depending on the target group. When it comes to captivating this diverse audience, the statistics speak volumes. A staggering 80% of Diwali shoppers actively engaged with influencer-led content, underscoring the pivotal role influencers play in shaping consumer preferences. Interestingly, influencer marketing proved 1.5 times more effective on the millennial demographic, demonstrating a profound impact on this tech-savvy and discerning age group.

Having said this, the industrial segment that you are promoting also plays a significant role. Industrial Spending Trends:

While there is scope to leverage sales by influencer marketing for all industries, some industries outspend compared to the rest. As per stats, it was noted that personal care brands take the lead in influencer marketing spending at 20%, closely followed by the food and beverage sector at 16%.

The upcoming festivals of Christmas and New Year's provide the perfect backdrop for influencer marketing campaigns. With people spending more time on social media, engaging with brands, and in a shopping mood, influencers can seamlessly weave their magic. Milking influencers during the holidays not only engages customers in a light and fun manner but also taps into the credibility and trust influencers have built with their followers. Their ability to craft relatable content ties the holiday spirit with your product enhancing brand resonance.

The Language of Influence:

When it comes to festival-related campaigns, regional language campaigns prove effective, with 53% of shoppers preferring content in their native language. This emphasizes the significance of linguistic relevance. A report unveils that the maximum impact is achieved through a strategic combination of paid advertisements and influencer campaigns.

However, the key lies in selecting the right influencer for campaigns, making the influencer-brand match a critical success factor. One notable change that needs to be focused on is the power that nano influencers carry. While many brands want to approach mega or celebrity influencers, micro & nano influencers achieve an outstanding 9.49% engagement rate during the festival season.

For a niche brand, micro-influencers create visible growth due to genuine followership. To put the case in point, data showed that Bangalore emerged as the influencer hub with nano influencers boasting an impressive 9.09% engagement rate in the realm of home décor. Meanwhile, the fashion sector experienced heightened engagement, particularly through micro and nano influencers. Notably, 66% of Diwali shoppers based their purchasing decisions on influencer recommendations, highlighting the profound impact of authentic customer relationships. This data hence proves that an increase in sales through Influencer collaborations can be leveraged during other major festive celebrations. One such upcoming festive collaboration your brand can look into is Christmas. The year-end festive season is one of the busiest times for influencer marketing professionals making it a great time for businesses to tap a wider audience. Beyond the Report: The Essence of Festive Collaboration:

An influencer marketing campaign during the holidays is a strategic move. Influencers bring credibility and trust to the table, amplifying the campaign's effectiveness. As Qoruz's comprehensive Diwali 2023 report unravels the dynamic interplay between consumers and influencers, it also sheds light on the evolving collaboration trends. A remarkable 21% increase in influencer collaborations over the past two years showcases the strengthening of partnerships between brands and influencers. Allocating more than RS300 crores, brands are working the festive magic through influencer marketing.

This reveals the growing significance of this dynamic marketing channel. With influencers boasting large social media followings, brand awareness receives a considerable boost, reaching a wider and more receptive audience.


In conclusion, considering the Diwali festive statistics as a base, if your brand wants to tap into the opportunity of festival frenzy, you still stand a chance with the year-end festival. A well-crafted holiday marketing campaign, especially one infused with the power of influencers, can elevate brand recognition, drive sales, and reinforce customer loyalty for the festive days of Christmas and New Year. This holiday season, let your brand shine bright by unlocking the door of opportunities presented by influencer marketing. After all, in the world of digital festivities, the key to success is not just in the message but in the messenger.


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