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How stars from the farming industry are influencing their way towards a better society

Bringing a green revolution in society through social media

Not so rare, but less talked about, today we bring your focus to the agrarian world through the lens of agricultural influencers. Yes, you read that right. There are multiple influencers who are bringing a revolution in the farming industry through innovation, information and providing assistance. We are talking about today's farming scene, where social media is the glue keeping everyone connected. And guess what? There is a whole crew of influencers sprouting up from the rugged slopes of the Himalayas to the sunny plains of Tamil Nadu. In this blog we are about to share names of a few who are shining a light on the backbone of our economy - farming and also talk about a few unsung heroes and ventures:

  • Supporting all the farmers that grow rice, Rythu explains the struggles of fellow farmers. The influencer himself is a farmer, and highlights new technical equipment that can be helpful to fellow farmers. The sole goal is to eradicate myths and help others progress.

  • Being a young individual focused on inspiring the farming community, Devendra Patel is an Instagram sensation. Holding 367k followers, his account speaks of new and innovative ways/products that can help the farmer. Devendra not only shares information on latest gadgets in the farming field but also spreads awareness on topics such as subsidies and rights of farmers, inspiring many more youngsters towards farming

  • Santosh Jadhav, a person that goes by the name Indian farmer on social media, has developed a team committed to supporting farmers by teaching improved farming methods, offering smart technological solutions for their challenges, and aiming to enhance their income. Their vision is sustainable farming through innovation. He strives to break the stereotypes of farming by helping people embrace farming with a modern business perspective. 

Talking about farming as a modern business venture, there are exceptions. Apart from the above stated influencer farmers who are indulged in farming and education, there is a segment of society wherein people have quit their high paying jobs and taken up hydroponic farming. These people are earning in lakhs by growing exotic fruits, vegetables, condiments and herbs. 

Ramveer Singh from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh is one such example who started Vimpa Organic and Hydroponics. Kamala Farms is also one such page on Instagram that helps people set up such farms and helps them with R&D. Founded by Meghana Rao & Sandeep Reddy, their mission is to provide seamless service at an affordable price with the help of their team of experienced agriculture experts, marketing analysts and support staff.

They have not only brought in new techniques to cultivate exotic foods but also a more sustainable way with lesser resources. They are inspiring youth of today by showing alternatives and methods to earn extra income and lead a less stress filled life. They have inspired many to quit their gut wrenching day jobs and try their hand at traditional or hydroponic farming, creating a positive impact in their personal life. This has also helped improve the image of farming overall as a modern business venture.

Not just these agricultural influencers but even multiple high end brands are collaborating with influencers to promote ethical farming. One such brand is Big Basket where they have recently collaborated with a travel couple influencer. In this brand reel they showed how the famous mangoes of Ratnagiri are ripened without preservatives and grown ethically. They highlighted the journey and portrayed the farmer as the main hero. This reel speaks a ton about how we can leverage the power of influencer collaborations for the betterment of society. Such inspiring collaborations are a source of appreciation, education and inspiration for the newer generation.


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