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Drive Creativity And Growth With Genre-Specific Influencer Ideas This Holi!

As a brand or social media manager, you're likely well aware that festivities present the prime opportunity to maximize reach and engagement with your desired audience in a delightful and refined manner. With Holi being just around the corner, it's time to spice up your feed with some colorful influencer content that'll make your followers stop scrolling and double-tap (even comment or order!)

Whether you're a fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle, or travel brand, there's something for everyone to try this Holi. Check out these five fun content ideas you can execute with influencers along with some influencer examples to get you inspired:

1 - Outfit Suggestions for Holi Party

If you are a fashion or lifestyle brand looking to promote your latest collection or the perfect outfit to slay at your Holi bash, this might be of help.

Sharing outfit suggestions not only helps your audience with their fashion dilemmas but also positions your brand as a style authority and suggestive option.

Take cues from brands like @suta_bombay, who displayed their vibrant Holi sarees as spring-time stunners targeting both the festival and the season. With the idea of placing sarees as a Holi outfit option & developing limited pieces, they garnered engagement from fashion-forward followers.

2 - Skin Care Pre/Post Holi

Holi can be tough on the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergy issues. If you are a pharmaceutical brand, beauty brand, or just a doctor, you can highlight your concern for the audience in an informative way. You can share the right skincare routine that can help them keep the glow intact away from allergies.

The content should be around providing genuine skincare tips that not only add value to your content but also build trust with your audience, showcasing your brand's expertise.

Take a page from doctor influencers like @doctor.agni, who shared some pre and post-Holi skin care tips to keep the skin happy and healthy amidst all the color chaos.

3 - Funny Content Around How People Behave During Holi

Want to keep it light-hearted and relatable this Holi? Sharing funny content not only entertains your audience but also boosts engagement and brand visibility. Get your audience laughing with funny skits, sketches, or memes about the typical behaviors we see during the festival of colors.

Check out how @hisukriti nailed it with her hilarious character take on Holi and strict aunties, sparking conversations and shares among followers.

4 - Recommendation Post on Delicacies to Serve at Holi Party

No Holi celebration is complete without some mouth-watering delicacies to munch on. Sharing recommendation posts not only positions your food brand as a source of inspiration but also encourages audience interaction and participation. People try what they see, hence collaborating with chefs, cooks or food enthusiasts promotes your product optimally.

Sharing a renowned Holi delicacy named Thandai, here is how recipe creator and influencer @thegracekitchen_tgk shared her top recipe while collaborating with @naturalicecream. This not only enticed the followers to try out the recipe but also showcased the aesthetic side of culinary creations.

5 - Travel Suggestions for Best Holi Experience

This is the perfect content type for brands related to the travel industry. Your brand can be the smallest part in this chain of tourism but you can leverage travel content to your benefit indifferent to the product or service. From backpacks, hotels, hostels, cafes, to even pepper spray, sharing travel and safety suggestions not only inspires your audience to explore new destinations but also positions your brand as a guide for unforgettable experiences.

Check out how @thehosteller announced their Holi stay discounts. From some wanderlust-inducing inspo to sparking dreams of colorful destinations and encouraging followers to embark on their own Holi adventures.  Associate your brand with exciting travel experiences.

So there you have it, folks!

Five Insta-worthy Holi content ideas to make your feed pop this festive season. And if you are looking for an influencer marketing agency that can make it all happen for you, we are just a click away! Get creative, have fun, and don't forget to spread the Holi cheer with your followers. Happy Holi-ing!


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