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Greenroom is a marketing agency specialized in digital marketing, artist management, and digital PR. Our in-house engineering team builds analytics and reporting tools to ensure that our customers achieve excellent results on every campaign.

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We’ve executed over 100 campaigns in the past year, for leading agencies and brands in India, United States, and UAE.

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We help brands with full-stack digital marketing – from campaign ideation, through to execution, and reporting.

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Top 10 Fitness Influencers of 2019

The prime reason why brands love influencer marketing is that influencers have always been great at creating a specific niche audience for their content. While traditional advertising hardly catered to the audience who are interested in fitness, these content creators don’t just maintain their fitness resolutions but also aim to inspire and motivate others through platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Taking a look at the top 10

How TikTok reshaped influencer marketing in 2019 

Despite the plethora of issues that ByteDance has faced in 2019 regarding security, privacy, bans and many more, TikTok has seen the highest user spike and the other platforms user spike numbers don’t even compare. Now it doesn’t come as a surprise that the other platforms have evolved in the past year focussing their efforts on video content due to its surging popularity.

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Lakshmi Balasubramanian
    Praveen Koka
      Ganesh Vinaitheerthan
      Campaign Management
        Niranjan Kumar
        Artist Management
          Dhivya Srinivasan
          Digital Marketing
            Ajith Sakharia
              Bharat Sahai
              Head - Client servicing
                Anirudh Venugopal
                Business Development
                  Tanya Goyal
                  Campaign Management
                    Mayank Rajani
                    Campaign Management
                      Tanya Dcosta
                      Campaign Management
                        Sakshi Shetty
                        Campaign Management
                          Harshitha K
                          Client Servicing
                            Puja Das
                            Artist Management
                              Shruti Nair
                              Creative Associate
                                Bhabaranjan Panigrahi
                                  Pallav Tyagi
                                  Social Media Marketing
                                    Hari Sankar
                                    Social Media Marketing
                                      Varun Vasudevan
                                      Head - Content and Creative

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