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Celebrating Motherhood: Innovative Mother's Day Campaigns by Indian Brands in 2024

Welcome to the world of heart-warming and tear-jerking ads, where Indian brands pull out all the stops to celebrate the unsung heroes of our lives - mothers! As Mother's Day comes to an end, we witnessed a plethora of ad campaigns across the nation, geared up to tug at our heartstrings. From concepts reminding us of the unconditional love and sacrifices our moms make every day to the core thought of choosing to be a mom, these ads displayed multiple facets of motherhood.

Nostalgic montages, humorous takes on mom's quirks, and the essence of motherhood in all its glory, these ads are tear-leading but also thought-provoking.  So, get ready to dive into a selection of Indian ads featured on Mother’s Day 2024, that left us reaching for the phone to call our Mom.

Blending data and creativity in one hilarious goofball ad, Zomato used memes, characters, and daily life casual instances as a reminder for the date which is 12th May. They highlighted their on-app feature that gives consumers reminders on Mother's Day.

2) Prega News: #LetThemDecide

Striking a chord with women around the nation, this Mother’s Day ad gives a strong and much-needed message. While we often see the societal pressure that a woman faces to have a second child, Prega News focuses on how this hampers the mental health of those women. The message of this ad is clear to #LetThemDecide.

3) Bandhan Life: Maa Ki Udaan, Bandhan Se

Aptly suiting the brand name, this year's ad seamlessly portrayed the bond between mother and child while nudging towards the idea of a pure, strong connection.  This whole scene has been enacted by how the mother gets hiccups throughout the day while the child thinks of her. The sheer subtle beauty of this ad makes a strong resonance with the audience.

4) Yes securities: #GiftHerTheFuture

A mother is more than just a mother! Narrating her various roles and responsibilities, this ad addresses that she does have dreams of her own.  The ad promotes the opportunities of part time jobs for full time mothers which is a way to support their vision of financial independence.

5) Johnson’s baby: #JouneytoDay1

Pulling at the heartstrings of what mothers go through, this ad by Johnson's baby is bound to make the viewer feel a plethora of emotions. The ad charters through the paths of 3 main characters: a wanna be mother, someone that is adopting and someone who is praying for the healthy survival of their baby.  The storyline talks about the innate need of mothers wanting to ensure the baby’s well-being from Day 1. This is portrayed in the form of a deeply connected journey of their ups and downs throughout the process.

Each brand, with its unique approach and storytelling, has beautifully captured the essence of motherhood, from the comforting embrace of nostalgia to the laughter that fills our homes. Through these ads, we've witnessed the countless ways in which mothers shape our lives, inspire us, and remind us of the profound depth of their love. So, here's to the brands that dared to celebrate the beauty that is mother. And hats off to the agencies that curated these various ideas to paint a portrait of love, sacrifice, and unwavering strength that defines the essence of motherhood. If your brand too is looking forward to curating heartwarming stories, on topical days or otherwise, feel free to connect with us! 


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