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Behold the southern storm – Aravind SA

Aravind SA, the witty boy next door from Chennai, has established himself as one of the most sought after stand up comedians, not just in the South, but all across the country.

He came from humble beginnings but has now reached popularity that rivals some of the best comedians in the country. Aravind has performed over 200 shows all over the world and has been enthralling audiences with his energetic and hilarious performances.

In a country that is dominated mostly by comedians from Mumbai and Delhi, SA Aravind brings a unique touch from the South and refreshingly intelligent jokes. Although he talks a lot about South Indian stories and observations, people from anywhere in the country will relate to them, and find them chuckle-worthy.


Aravind is your quintessential Chennai boy. His humour is simple, yet cerebral, and his energy on stage keeps his audience in a continuous state of splits. His first stand up comedy video went viral in 2013. It became so popular, that his line “I was not ready da”, became a catchphrase that is used by his fans across the world in regular conversation.

His first solo show, “Madrasi Da”, premiered in the year 2014, and sold 1200 tickets in less than 8 hours, a record in India that every comedian is secretly envious of and is yet to beat. He is also popular in other countries – essentially any country with an Indian population. He has toured across The United States and has performed 29 shows in over 25 cities. Needless to say, America got a serious dose of that South Indian masala and enjoyed it to the fullest. In addition, he has also performed in Singapore, Australia, UK and Dubai.

It came as no surprise when he became one of the 10 Indian stand up comedians who was chosen to put out their one-hour specials on Amazon Prime. His special “Madrasi Da” began streaming on devices all across the world, from laptops to smartphones.

The show was written about as one of the best specials to have come out of India across various publications. It was also slotted by Filmy Companion as one of the top 4 stand up specials to come out this year. He even received love from the Huffington Post, as they shared a snippet from his special on their page.

A qualified filmmaker, a proud Madrasi, and an Indian internet sensation, with a winning combination of Southern perspective, middle-class mentality, and crawling ambitions, SA is one of the most bankable comics in India today. Meme-worthy, share-worthy, lol-worthy, SA is a phenomenon you don’t wanna miss out on.

– by Ajay Samson

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