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Creators who made us Laugh Out Loud

2020 had more than its fair share of tragedies and dark moments. But the world of social media gave us some respite in the form of young creators who made us laugh despite what was happening. Tik Tok with its engaging format and innovative features and filters played an important role in their rise. Now, all that has been translated into Instagram Reels post its ban. We however cannot discount their creativity and wit for the popularity of their content.

Here are some creators we love and recommend for you to follow.

Jake does different characters from everyday life using wigs, costumes and filters to transform into the character completely. What we love about his content is how he keeps it relatable while delivering the laughs.

If you need a good laugh, watch Sonalika do an impression of Kangana Ranaut. She is good at making a statement with her funny impressions of Bollywood celebrities. You should follow her for her unique take on everything topical. 

Have you wondered what will happen if you mix South Indian culture with western pop-culture? Well you no longer need to wonder about it because Nirmal does exactly that. From Harini Potter and the Snek to Eminem vs South Indian Waiter, his inter-sectional comedy will crack you up every single time.

Anime references, make-up and fashion goals and funny content, Krutika is a unique mix of all this and more. She combines art with her relatable content to make us laugh while also giving us a visual treat!

So, that’s our list. We are positive that you will love each and every one of them. Do you think we have missed someone who definitely deserves a follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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