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AR Filters and how Brands have been using them

It’s only been a few years since Snapchat followed by Facebook launched AR Filters on their platforms. Today, we cannot imagine a virtual world without them. With Facebook’s launch of Spark AR, a free software to easily create AR Filters, our social media apps have been flooded with these filters.

Brands have also bought into this craze with almost all of them having an AR Filter of their own launched as a part of a campaign or just for entertainment. Let’s take a look at how some of the top brands have been leveraging this technology.

Product-Based Filters

Including the product in the AR Filter to give the audience a virtual experience of their products. This works particularly well for fashion brands as their audience can try out the products virtually.

Pond’s Clay Mask Demo AR Filter

Gamified Filters

Building engagement through gamified filters that delivered virtual experiences to their audience.

Close Up’s Kiss and Tell Game AR Filter

Festival-Themed Filters

The festival-themed filters have become more popular with brands post the pandemic as it allows them to encourage their audience to celebrate the festivals virtually.

Reliance’s Jio’s Holi-Themed AR Filter

While the AR Filters enable the brand to build engagement with their audience, discovery of these filters is often an issue especially if your audience is not following you on social media. So, brands rely on influencer marketing to maximise the reach and engagement for the filters.

Do you love using them? Which are the brands whose AR Filters you enjoyed using? Let us know in the comments below!

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