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A Guide To Using Clubhouse

Networking is at its peak owing to the pandemic, as people want to feel more virtually connected to others. Hence, the introduction of Clubhouse immediately created a hype, with over 18 million downloads already. Everybody wanted to give this “exclusive” medium of social interaction a whirl. If you are still trying to figure out what this app is, we’ve got you covered.

What is Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a voice-only app that allows you to join “rooms”. Each of these rooms has a group of people discussing a variety of topics or simply conversing. You can either listen to the conversation as a quiet member of the audience or participate by clicking on the “raise your hand” icon.

You can also make your own room and virtually invite friends and family over for a hearty conversation, debates, sharing stories, singing music together, etc. This is as simple as it gets. This voice-only medium eliminates the awkwardness and pressure associated with video calls for being “seen”.

How does it work?

As previously stated, this app is “exclusive,” in the sense that you can only create a profile if someone invites you. This is because the app is still in the development stage and will eventually be rolled out to the public. 

With beta participants giving constant feedback in order to make Clubhouse a memorable experience, the App is quite easy to handle.

  1. Once you’ve been invited, you can create a profile by adding a profile photo. You can also add a brief bio that describes who you are in whatever words you like. 

  2. You can also include links to your other social media profiles, such as Instagram and Twitter.

  3. After that, you’ll be presented with a plethora of active chat rooms in the hallway. This is the main feed of Clubhouse.

  4. Here you could bounce in and out of different chat rooms to listen to various insightful discussions and conversations amongst people.

  5. You can also start following other Clubhouse members and topics, as well as look for upcoming events.

Other audio platforms similar to Clubhouse

While Clubhouse has grown in popularity in recent months, there are other apps that have also come up with similar features or have been in the market for longer. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. Twitter Audio Spaces

Image Source: Twitter

Twitter Spaces began as a beta program. Presently, it rolled out to all Twitter users in India in light of the pandemic, which prioritized communication during the lockdown. Spaces, like Fleets, is integrated into the Twitter app. It allows users to enter virtual rooms with their followers and hold vocal conversations.

  1. Discord

Image Source: YouTube

Originally used by gamers to communicate with one another while playing, Discord has recently acquired immense popularity. It allows its users to create channels to interact with others over various topics, much like Clubhouse.

  1. Fireside

Image Source: Play Store

Fireside, a made-in-India software, is built by the same creators who created Chingari (a Tik-Tok alternative). It is an excellent match for Clubhouse. It is divided into three sections: the Explore field for active chat rooms, Covid-related help and resources, as well as communities.


Image Source: Play Store

Much like Clubhouse, Spoon hosts live shows or live conversations between people that the public can listen to. Be it a podcast, streaming music, etc. Spoon is quite popular already. But what sets this app apart from Clubhouse is that it is monetizable by its users, making it a good medium for young creators.

What does this mean for Influencer Marketing

The present times have shown a strong preference for genuine engagement. People want more than images and texts; they value interacting with others in real time, without filters, rather than created content.

And the humanistic atmosphere that Clubhouse fosters is exactly what people long for in their daily lives. This candid conversation has the potential to revolutionize the game in influencer marketing. People would prefer any type of partnership that wasn’t a produced video, but rather a raw discussion between the brand, influencers, and the target audience.

So give this app a shot, listen to expert speakers, or have real-time chats with people all over the world. Create bonds the old-fashioned way.

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