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Our Favourite Gaming Influencers

Do people really make a living out of streaming online games live?

Well, the answer to this question is becoming clearer with every passing day – YES! The gaming industry has seen a boom in the recent few years, especially during the pandemic.

Brands have started pouring their trust and investment into gaming influencers, and why should they not! Gaming influencers are believed to be one of the most engaging influencers out of the lot and help brands connect with millennials. It’s a ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ for them!

A lot of gamers have taken the plunge into this pool of esports and have been making interesting content to entertain and engage their audience. However, we present to you some of our favourite gaming influencers!

An 18-year old with over 18 million Youtube subscribers sounds insane! Who knew that a 15-year-old Ujjwal Chaurasia who played games on his elder brother’s phone would grow up to become one of the youngest and biggest sports sensations in India. Millions of fans look up to him for his GTA gameplay web series. Passion and dedication to the craft have helped this young talent reach new heights!

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The first name that comes to our mind after hearing PUBG mobile streaming is Aaditya Sawant AKA Dynamo Gaming. Dynamo made the best of the PUBG mobile craze and rose to fame like a phoenix, garnering over 9 million subscribers on Youtube. Apart from streaming games like Dota 2, GTA, Battlefield etc, he has partnered with top-notch brands like HP, OnePlus, Asus and many more. He is a remarkable player and an amazing influencer. FYI, his uber-cool dialogue “Patt Se Headshot” has become a legit thing!

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Shagufta Iqbal had gaming blood pumped into her from the young age of 12, when she started playing PC games. The young and extremely talented woman grew up to be one of the most notable female gaming influencers, known by the name Xyaa, in a male-dominated Indian gaming community. Her gaming content and her principle of prioritizing her viewers have won her many hearts. Apart from Youtube and Instagram, she has marked her presence on Twitch where she streams games like PUBG CS: GO Overwatch and many more.

Image Source : Instagram

With over 1 million Youtube subscribers, Payal Dhare is one of the most followed and loved female gamers. We love her for her entertaining streams on Youtube and Loco, amazing gaming skills and her impeccable accuracy. Whether it’s Call of Duty, GTA 5, or PUBG streams, she keeps her audience engaged until the end. She is now a part of the S8UL family! 

Image Source : Instagram

Passion turned professional gamer. Rishabh Karnawal is one of the most loved and celebrated streamers in India. Titled as “The streamer of the year 2018”, Rishabh is well known for streaming Call of Duty, GTA 5, Minecraft, and PUBG mobile, to name a few. You should definitely check out his profile if you are in a mood to get inspired.

Image Source : Instagram

These are some of our favourite esports influencers who we absolutely enjoy watching and are excited about everything these talents have in store for us! Who are your absolute favourites? Let us know in the comment section below!

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