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Mega, macro, micro or nano influencer: Which one is right for your brand?

Influencer marketing is not only relevant and one of the hottest trends among consumers, but also with brands and marketing professionals. With an assured ROI, customer loyalty and brands seeing engagement on their content like never before, influencer marketing has really become the shiny new apple of the marketing industry. While all this sounds wonderful, the key step in the process is to identify the influencer who is right for your brand?

With thousands of influencers sprouting up monthly, how do brands choose which one is perfect for them? Greenroom has worked with several brands and campaigns and realizes the importance of differentiation of the types of influencers.

Let’s start with the biggest of all.

Mega Influencers

These influencers have been the age-old traditional celebrities on social media. The obvious big plus with this kind of influencers is that they have anywhere between 500,000 to millions of followers. Naturally, this creates a phenomenal exposure to the brand.

“If immediate exposure is all your brand is looking at, then mega influencers are the best bet.”

Kendal Jenner – A perfect example for a mega influencer

Unfortunately, the downsides are that they are always an expensive option for the brand. This is also a tough choice if the brand is trying to create a real connection with the consumer. Two-side engagement on these posts could be relatively low. The effect on consumers immediately reaching out to buy a product based on a celebrity influencer’s review is not all that great.

Macro Influencer

Micro influencers create a perfect balance between the nanos and megas out there. While macro influencers cannot match the numbers of the mega influencers ranging between 100,000 to 500,000 followers, the impact they have on their influencers is immense.

Srishti’s growth has been on an upward trajectory after she gained popularity from her videos.

Macro influencers are almost the best of both worlds – being approachable and an engagement star with their high-quality content. While some mega influencers don’t consider social media as their prime focus, macro influencers take them much more seriously thus producing quality content. No wonder all brands big to small want to work with them, but they also tend to exceed some marketer’s budget. These influencers take their social media presence more seriously than nano-influencers and micro-influencers and are endorsed more commonly by brands. They usually create a special skillset based accounts like – makeup, fashion, travel, tech etc.

Micro Influencers

Here come the topic experts with followers generally in their double-digit thousands. Notice how the definition of the levels of influencers has changed over 2019 due to the introduction of nano-influencers. These subject experts gain popularity by passion involved in their skills and gain organic love from their followers.

Their credibility is so high that their followers are extremely loyal to these influencers. This ensures that there is a high engagement rate between the influencer and the followers. The approachability factor is incredibly high and has a good impact on the kind of campaigns run by brands. They gain their readership from fans by creating a special interest in topics that are relevant. This relevance is usually created with a younger audience first. This generates a sense of honesty and trustworthiness between the influencer and the followers.

Micro influencers tend to engage more with the audience with a 25% to 50% engagement rate from followers with a qualitative depth i.e. the influencer is intensively involved in interactions. Such dialogs are really important for brand engagement as the influencer’s target group will be influenced immediately and that’s something a brand, as a third party, would find hard to do. Micro-influencers are relatable, authentic and trustworthy – three essential qualities when it comes to marketing. Their influence works as effectively as “word-of-mouth” as their followers believe in their word.

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers are the brand new, high-in-demand toys of the marketing industry in 2019. These influencers have a high impact on their niche set of followers. The power of a nano influencer is incredibly high mainly because of the tremendous faith and loyalty the influencers and their followers share.

Brands who are looking to share their content with a niche set of audience hit a jackpot with nano influencers. The strategy where the brands are looking to target the audience in the same area and demographics would also be wise for these kinds of influencers. These influencers have a follower count anywhere between 800 to 10,000 followers. When you know your followers personally and share an opinion with them, the impact is great. Think of a simple example of five friends going out and one friend says that Shop Pizzeria has the best pizzas in the area. The other four would automatically get excited about it because they trust their friends’ opinions and choices.

Mahesh Raghan, a popular musician in India with his iPad is a great example of a nano-influencer. 

They are likely to have interesting hobbies, be attractive, knowledgeable and of course popular but most importantly a large part of their following live in the same area as them.

Which kind of influencer is perfect for you?

As a brand with varying strategies, knowing which influencer suits you is very important. Do let us know what you think below in comments, or visit our websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram pages to reach out to us.

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