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Influencer Marketing Does Wonders to Your SEO


Majority of marketers bank a lot on Influencer Marketing these days because of the direct ROI they get in return as the traffic, leads and conversions spike up. In addition, Influencer Marketing helps building a strong trust factor for the brand.

But benefits of Influencer Marketing are manifold. In addition to the apparent returns that it offers, there are some irreplaceable contributions it makes behind the scenes that boost your brand for a long time to come. SEO tops the list in that.

These are some of the major ways your SEO gets benefited because of Influencer Marketing –

Building Strong Backlinks

Despite major changes in Goggle’s search engine algorithm, backlinks remain a quintessential factor in determining your result on the search engine page. What’s changed with backlinks is how the algorithm scores them, specifically focusing on the source’s authority, quality, and relevancy.

Marketers create content to post on blogs and websites of opinion makers of the relevant industry. This helps in building organic links that will boost your backlink profile on the SERP.

Boosting Website Traffic

The traffic generated through Influencer Marketing campaigns typically comes from referral links, but there is a subsequent rise in direct traffic as well. Google’s search algorithm, in which traffic is the fifth most influential factor, entails both direct traffic and returning traffic as ranking factors.

Guest posting is one of the multiple ways ways of generating traffic. If you get to build a good rapport with the influencers, they will go on to share your content on their social media channels as well.

Generating Inbound Links

Having good relationship with influencers is gold dust. They come handy in more ways than you can imagine. You hit a jackpot if you succeed to have an influencer write a guest blog on your own website.

Once you have that high-value content published in your blog, not only will you gain the benefit of a traffic boost, but that content could also start generating inbound links. Many people are likely to curate that content providing backlinks to you.

Video Magic

Videos are replacing texts and images at a rapid pace. The same is true for search as well. And especially with YouTube being a Google property, more and more videos are expected to show up on SERP.

Grab this opportunity to collaborate with an influencer for generating video contents. A video interview with an influencer, audio from a podcast, or interview segments divided into slides with striking visuals can give you a significant bump in search visibility.

When the influencer’s audience searches for content related to that influencer, they’ll find your videos optimized and co-branded, which will ultimately give your own brand a lift among those new audience segments.

Points to Ponder on


Influencer marketing is all about long term human relationships. All that’s stated above can only be materialized if you build a rapport with influencers based on trust. A selfish “let’s squeeze out as much as possible” attitude is extremely detrimental in this regard and will definitely prove to be fatal for your brand.

Try to build a reciprocal relationship with the influencers by also promoting them along with their content. A give-away or incentives of such kind (in addition to the fee agreed upon) comes a great token of appreciation. Ensure that both you and the influencer have something to gain out of the mutual business and also look forward to continue the relationship.

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