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6 Easy Tips for An Aspiring Food Blogger

There are two kinds of people walking on the face of this planet. One, who eat to live. And the other, who live to eat. You and I belong to the latter league. Palate is arguably the most prized possession we have, for we are not ready to part with the sheer joy of savoring every single flavor that we come across.

If you strongly believe that it is our social responsibility to cater to and engage with all like-minded people in our global community, you have a food blogger in you. If you are planning to start off, then glance through the following set of suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Eat – Repeat


This is your dream, isn’t it? Well, start living it then. Eat all that comes your way and try to reach out to the rest that doesn’t. This is the fundamental passion that drives a food blogger, even at the cost of blurring the divider between passion for food and gluttony.

Have An Opinion & Express it


Do not shy away from voicing out your thoughts. Express yourself in the most authentic fashion, without getting caught up by the inhibitions caused because of popular notions. Start a blog and/or YouTube channel. Share your recipes, your thoughts on various dishes and all other kinds of opinion related to food.

Be active on social media, sharing various kinds of content. Also, promote your blog through your social channels. Social media also provides you with the opportunity to interact with people with similar interest.

Click Enticing Images


Great images make good content. This is the thumb rule of food blogging. Images can work for you in multiple ways. They help to grab the initial attention, encourage people to read through and also invoke reactions. Avoid sharing dull, low-resolution images.Make them as colorful as possible.

Be A Reviewer


Go on to share a lot of reviews across F&B platforms like Zomato. Try reviewing individual dishes as well as restaurants. This will have a two-fold effect – you will polish your skills of review and slowly but surely, you will make a name for yourself within the community.

Engage with Fellow Bloggers


Read a lot of blogs within your industry and engage with the bloggers. You will remain upbeat on the buzz. Post comments on their blogs and social media, share their blogs on your social channels, cross-link their blogs to your own. This harmony enriches the community, as well as gives you return.

Take Care of Your Health


Though it comes with a bit of anecdote, but it is extremely vital a point to ponder on. As a food blogger, it is extremely necessary for you to be in good health. You will not want to burn out real quick. Take all preventive measures to ensure that your palate and the digestive system are always in a good shape.

Share this article if you feel it’s helpful. Cheers!

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