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5 types of content best suited for social media


Social media is driven by engagement. But generating each like, comment, share or mention asks for a lot of sweat and toil for social media marketers and entrepreneurs. And when it comes to driving engagement organically, it’s a nightmare. We might need to dig through multiple layers to understand why exactly is it so difficult to manage social media, but let’s keep that discussion for some other day. The point here to understand is what kind of content can drive more engagement as compared to the other kind.

#1) Videos

The most rampant kind of content these days are videos, and for good reason. Easy to consume and shareable, videos make for the ideal content type suitable for social media. Studies suggest that more than 70% of search is going to be done via video search this year, and the count is expected to go up every year.

#2) GIFs

The newest social star, GIFs are being put to good effect by social media users. From posts to comments, GIFs are widely used. The best part about GIFs is that they aren’t as boring as text, and not as long as videos. Though not too informative, they definitely capture eyeballs and drive some engagements more often than not.

#3) Infographics

Infographics have been doing amazingly well on social media over the last few years. In fact, platforms like Pinterest thrive on infographics. “Reading is tough, but looking it easy” is what human brain tells us, and infographics are the best in catering to that fundamental psychology of human beings. Naturally, infographics drive a lot of engagement all over social media.

#4) Images

Images are losing their shine a bit with videos and GIFs making their way in, but they still get a lot of engagement from social media users. The huge success of Instagram acts as a testimony to the fact. So when used strategically, images can do a lot of good to your social media presence.

#5) Posts provoking emotions

This is not a particular category so to say, but it is very significant a point to understand. Social media is about experience based community, usually full of emotions. Facebook’s development of letting people ‘react’ to posts using different emotions is a fine example narrating how social media users are emotionally charged. So it’s a great idea to try to evoke positive emotions through your posts. It can be a video, an image or any other form you can think of.

Try mix and match your social content with these for the coming month and let us know the results whether or not you get to generate more engagement.


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