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3 ways to engage your followers on social media


The majority of social media population is constituted by the youngsters. People within the age group 17 to 30 years old keep the social media up and running 24×7. These are the people, the new age generation of the millennium, who got accustomed to social media since birth or early school days. Hence, they are known as Millennials. Unlike the people of older generation, social media is not an information gathering platform. Rather, it is space for co-creation and engagement built with a strong sense of community.

The question thus boils down to – how to engage these millennials? These digital natives love innovation and only social media language they understand is experience. You need to cash on these parameters to get their eyeballs. Keeping the same in mind, even the platforms are developing millennial friendly features. Let’s look at the top 3 ways you can engage millennials:

#1 Keep them interested by using disappearing messages

In keeping with their experiential preference, disappearing media is popular, especially among younger Millennials. They like knowing that intimate sharing in words and pictures, as well as rambling posts, will disappear forever.

Facebook’s mobile app and Instagram now include the ability to share photos and videos directly with specific friends. These messages disappear 24 hours after they’re viewed up to two times.

#2 Increase visibility by going live

Like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, Instagram has the ability to share streaming live video as part of its Stories feature. However, the key difference is that Instagram Live videos are ephemeral. Your followers need to tune in real-time to catch your broadcast, and the stream disappears the moment you end it.

Since the Live feature rolled out in November of last year, Instagram has added the ability to save your Live video broadcasts. This allows you to download live broadcasts to your camera roll and re-purpose the video content if you wish.

#3 Entertain by using augmented reality filters

Augmented reality features have become more mainstream, thanks to the introduction of an in-app camera in Facebook, Messenger, and now Instagram. The camera in each of these three apps allows you to add augmented reality features like interactive filters, selfie masks, captions, and stickers.

Mark Zuckerberg announced this fairly new feature with a demo video on his Facebook profile. This funny filter Mark demonstrated is a geek coder, complete with taped glasses and swirling code above your head when you open your mouth! CHECK IT OUT!


Being an early adopter of these new Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger features can really help you and your brand stand out with Millennial audiences.


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