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These 5 brands captured everyone’s hearts this Valentine’s Day

For years, Valentine’s day has been the perfect time for brands to create specialized campaigns around this holiday. Love it or hate it, the spending during this holiday gets significantly higher for flowers, chocolates, cards, jewelry, vouchers and any form of gifts.

Here are Greenroom’s top five picks for Valentine’s Day 2020.

1. Twitter provided an antidote to wounded single hearts by picking its best tweets from #worstfirstdate and plastering them all over the London subway. David Wilding, director of planning commented on this initiative “The most hilarious, honest and real accounts of dating aren’t those found in magazines, romcoms or on the apps, but within the dating Twitter conversation”


2. Allen Solly took the contest route for this #ValentinesDay with our favorite Instagrammers sharing an anecdote from their life and encouraging everyone to talk about their coffee date stories. The offer of a 3000rs voucher to the 5 best entries has the engagement rate surging with the hashtag#InfiniteCupsOfCoffee


3. Amazon Alexa’s heartwarming video shows a product plugin where fashion designer Suneet Verma plans a special date for his partner Rahul Arora. He uses Alexa to get all the details right – the flowers, cakes & dinner recipes


4. Mad Over Donuts’ warm campaign asks everyone to pamper their loved ones on this special day. The brand’s videos show a father waiting to surprise his daughter with flowers, chocolates, decor and donuts & a 2nd video where a nervous son surprises his mom with flowers.

5. Cornetto’s contest was a crowd favorite this year. The brand asked users to send in couple boomerangs to win a trip to Bali. The engagement was soaring because the ask was an easy task in return for a luxurious trip.



Festivals and holidays are a great time for brands to reposition their existing product or service, no matter what they sell. With some smart campaigns like above, Valentine’s day in 2020 saw one of the biggest retail sales hikes with an increase of 18% over the past year. Not only the traditional campaigns, but a lot of Indian brands have openly run LGBTQ based campaigns after the passing of Section 377 last year.

What were your favorites this year? Do let us know below in the comments section or visit our websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram pages to reach out to us.

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