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The Passionate Fashionista – Shalini Chopra

Someone has rightly said, the best fashion show is always on the streets. How good is it to flaunt what the world wants to actually see. Shalini Chopra, Bengaluru’s very own trend has exactly been doing the same.

Team Greenroom Buzz brings to you her story.

Shalini Copra

A fashionista since childhood whose germinal impetus were her parents for getting dressed up, Shalini Chopra has emerged to be the brainchild of India’s juvenile crowd.

Shalini recollects her journey, “I always loved wearing stylish outfits since my childhood. I inherited that from my parents. I was posting my outfits on various online portals for the past few years and was getting requests to start blogging. Initially, I ignored the requests due to the time crunch. However, eventually, I gave it a serious thought and started pursuing my passion for fashion with my blog”.

Shalini owns a very successful fashion and lifestyle blog, ‘StylishByNature

When asked about how she gleans her inspiration from she adds, “I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. It could be movies, fashion magazines, nature or blogs. I do not follow trends blindly. I take into consideration my body type and comfort before adopting a trend.


“My favourite social media platform is my own blog. And my team is my best critic” – Shalini

Shalini is a great human being. She adores and respects her staff. She says her staff is her biggest critic and her strength which impulses her to push boundaries and break the stereotype in the fashion industry.

When I asked her about what she feels about the present ambience of the fashion landscape in India, she says, “The explosion of blogging and e-commerce has totally revolutionised fashion and people’s approach to fashion.  Fashion blogs have a huge potential to influence big brands as they closely relate to people and street style.”

Shalini not only owns a successful blog site but is also very alive on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter by posting contents what her followers love to see.

“My main challenge as a fashion blogger is countering plagiarism. I have started ignoring the people who copy me to my bones. People can copy your style but not your soul.” – Shalini


A word of advice to the budding fashion bloggers: “Be Original….People can see through” – Shalini

Shalini’s trends which are prone towards vintage and street styles bridge a gap between runway and street styles, and in a way becomes a style in itself to influence her followers.

Shalini knows the nerves of her followers and only boasts what her followers need. She thinks her particularity in her trends attract brands for promotions. Even while promoting a brand, she says , “I always make sure to keep my personal touch intact while keeping brand proposition in focus.”

When asked to share what and how the Influencer marketing is clouting the market Shalini says, “30% of online sales come from influencer marketing. The girl next door can relate to influencers and trusts their words for quality products. The future is good and bright.” She also thinks that influencer marketing reckons to the commercial value of the brand when they want to collaborate for no cost. In such scenarios, pitching in of the strategy by the marketer really helps.

Speaking about the campaigns and collaborations with various brands she works for, Shalini shares, “I am very choosy about the brands whom I work with. If the brand reflects my taste, values and ethics. I would love to maintain a long term relationship.”

A women empowerment activist, shalini brings out her best in all the campaigns akin to women welfare.

A message to her admirers: “I just want to request readers to encourage Fashion Bloggers in the right spirit and that’s all is enough to appreciate the sweat and efforts which go into fashion blogging.” – Shalini

Shalini, much like many native fashion bloggers, is not someone who’d sail the tides to be in the hunt but rather believes in coming up with her own individuality to be able to contribute to the ever evolving fashion landscape of India. Greenroom wishes Shalini all the success for future endeavours.

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