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The odd man out – Shyam Tyagi


Much like the hegemonically inflicted norm of ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’, Indian fashion landscape is accustomed to the opinion leadership being dominated by women. Breaking all shackles of gender stereotypes, Shaym Tyagi, a Bangalore based training and development professional, has been rocking the fashion industry.

Team Greenroom Buzz brings you his story.

“Being a male blogger in the Indian fashion industry is a tough nut to crack, but doable if you’re dedicated.” – Shyam Tyagi.

Shyam recollects his journey “I have been interested in fashion ever since I can remember, even when the world around me tried to convinced me that either engineering or medicine was the path to follow. Fashion for me was never about show, it is something innate, a way to express my creativity and my thoughts. Friends used to constantly compliment my styling even before I knew what path I was headed to. One blessed day, a friend of mine suggested I start blogging and the rest is all for everyone to see!” Shyam hosts a very successful blog, The Style Mirror.


“When I started blogging, I didn’t even have a camera for shoots. I used to borrow it from close friends and neighbours. Add to that my day job, learning poses in front of the camera.” – Shyam.

Alongside a day job, Shyam shoots over the weekends and works before or after office hours to keep up with his followers on Facebook, Instagram (his favourite social medium) and Twitter. Shyam shares very candidly, “My team is my wife and me. We do have close friends who are photographers and we work with them. My amazing wife edits the pictures and then I post them.”

When asked to share about the fashion landscape of India, Shyam commented – “The market for male bloggers is very small. A few years back, it would have been very difficult to become a popular blogger. Fashion was meant for only celebrities. Now with so many popular fashion bloggers, it’s relevant and realistic. Apps like Instagram are helping people put out their style ideas and influence the wide, receptive audience.” He believes that social media users find real people, over celebs, endorsing and reviewing brands and products more relatable. That’s why, according to Shyam, it is very important to provide his followers with something fresh and new in every campaign.


“I follow great fashion icons from around the world to keep me inspired to do something new every day but I also keep my original style intact. I try to maintain my style as relevant and aspirational, and stay consistent throughout different channels when it comes to posts.”

Now an eminent fashion influencer himself, Shyam fully acknowledges the importance of influencer marketing in the present day scenario. “People trust influencers more than a brand. That’s why brands invest in influencers. Most businesses gain from influencer campaigns than most other types of campaigns.”, he says. He regards Mr Button campaign to be a special one he was a part of because of its poetic nature. When asked about the importance of influencer marketing platforms like Greenroom, Shyam asserts, “They are the ultimate match-makers for brands and bloggers. They understand both the sides and their requirements, and suggest exactly what fits.”

Tips for aspiring fashion bloggers: “As a fashion blogger, it’s very important for me to understand the brand and yet be relevant to the audience, and balancing both of them. You have to build a relationship with the brand but also, create a special bond with your followers. Build your style and stay dedicated.” – Shyam.


“I owe my growth to my followers. I feel so humbled by how quickly they have accepted me. Less than a year since when I started blogging and look where they have brought me!”

The success of Shyam clearly showcases the fast changing fashion landscape of India, where you can break all stereotypes and rise up if you are passionate enough to create value within the industry. Team Greenroom Buzz wishes all the very best to Shyam for all his future endeavours.

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