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Rapunzel of digital India – Pallavi Chaturvedi

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Pallavi Chaturvedi is one of the leading fashion bloggers in India. Through her blog, That Desi Girl, she shares her opinion on fashion, lifestyle, and brands. A finance & marketing graduate, she worked as a financial analyst. She started off with her fashion blog endeavour during an official trip to China. Pallavi recalls, “As stories were bustling out of me – on the differences in fashion & culture between India & China, trend watching there and interesting people I met – That Desi Girl happened.” She has come a long way since then to become a fashion influencer. Her social presence on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and her favourite – Instagram keeps millions of people hooked up on a daily basis.

Team Greenroom Buzz decided to catch up with her to know her side of the story –

The ways of a fashion blogger

Pallavi works with a very small team of two and project based photographers. She generates content for her blog and pays a lot of attention to each of her social media profiles. Her mantra for social media success – quick response to followers and fresh, tailor-made content according to their needs. “For Social media profiles, our focus is varied for each kind. On Twitter, I have conversations – not just about Fashion or Lifestyle but also about current issues pertinent to our generation. My favourite social platform is Instagram. Every picture is worth a thousand words. & Instagram gives us an outlet to share glimpses of our daily life.” says Pallavi.

Tips for aspiring fashion bloggers – “Find your voice, be true to it, and never ever do anything against your gut feeling.” – Pallavi.

Fashion in India – a bogger’s take

Fashion in India, as Pallavi suggests, has transformed over the years from all clothes being stitched by local tailors to a consumerism-driven branded showrooms at every corner. Pallavi comments – “Now though, a balance has come in where a healthy mix of Indian and western styles, experimentation with silhouettes and more confident dresses have come in.”, and believes that the mass fashion consciousness has evolved because of the digital revolution that came through.

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“There is so much inspiration online. For every trend that you think cannot work for your body type, there is a reference blog out there that will show you exactly how to carry it.”

Upon being asked how blogs are contributing to the fashion landscape of India, Pallavi remarks “Blogosphere is open to all body types, skin color and this inclusivity takes them a long way. The best part is, bloggers are approachable. So, you can ask a question, and get honest answers and customize content for your personal needs.”

Influencer campaigns in India

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum in India. Particularly for the fashion industry, it is touching newer heights every day. Having worked with brands like Péro, Chidiyaa Online, Pallavi Mohan, Vajor, Be Nimai, and Swarovski, Pallavi strongly feels against endorsing brands whose fashion line she doesn’t align with and cannot wear. That, according to her is the power to maintain a consistency in the long run. When posting for brands, she enjoys a full autonomy of content. She also prefers to engage with brands on a long term relationship over a burst of a couple of campaigns on and off. “Like our audience, brands we collaborate with, become family too. And that makes all the difference.” Pallavi says.

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“I think smart and helpful blogging though is more about introducing brands & trends but helping your audience find their personal style. That ultimately is the direction we are going to.”

When asked about the role of influencer marketing platforms like Greenroom, Pallavi shares – “Influencer marketing agencies are the next step for safeguarding interests of both the brands and the influencers. Since so much is dependent just on the influencers and their judgment in this space, agencies are a welcome breath of relief.”

Message for followers

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“I’d just like to thank my followers, for believing in us, for growing with us and for all the love they shower on us day in and day out. ”

With the concept of fashion blogs starting to find a niche place for itself and a simultaneous growth of influencer marketing, many Indians, like Pallavi, are emerging with their blogs to disseminate personal and unique opinions. This, we believe, is just a start to the wonderful things that are on the way. We wish Pallavi the best all her future endeavours.

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