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Influence Redefined: Exploring The Business Brilliance Of Influencers And Their Brands

In today’s day and age where influencers constantly push boundaries, they never fail to surprise us, whether as content creators or as entrepreneurs. A new trend has emerged in recent years as influencers are branching out from bolstering other companies' marketing plans to creating their own brands. This strategic move not only secures their future but also showcases their boundless creativity. Crafting their own 'influencer brand' is a profound self-investment, mirroring the unrestricted nature of content creation.

Moreover, the base of their success is much stronger. It proves to be a shrewd business maneuver, as younger generations increasingly relate to influencers rather than traditional brands. These influencers have their dedicated fans, who can single-handedly make or break an 'influencer brand.' Naturally, fans eagerly identify with the entertaining content creators they admire and willingly purchase their merchandise, forging an intimate connection with their idols which is a tough task for any business conglomerate. Due to positive economic growth, the mainstream entertainers are now emerging entrepreneurs and ingrained in both B2C and even B2B corporate advertising strategies. You can call them social media entrepreneurs. Once used to refer to those with large social followings and consumer goods advertising contracts, the term "influencer" has now expanded to represent political leaders, business executives, social justice advocates, dancers, poets, esports competitors, and many others. While not everyone has decided to jump on the entrepreneur wagon yet, here are a few influencers who have gained remarkable traction through their brands:

#1 - Mridul Sharma

Brand: Simbaa Lifestyle and Skionn Apparels Mridul Sharma, a prominent lifestyle influencer, has not only aced marketing but has also expanded her reach beyond social media with Simbaa Lifestyle. This brand offers a unique fusion of trendy fashion, stationary, and accessories. Simultaneously, her brand Skionn Apparels captivates followers with its stylish range of clothing items that are aesthetic, colourful & comfortable.

#2 - Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

Brand: Label Shaurya Sanadhya and Rerun by Shaurya

Shaurya a fashion maven who has established her own brand named Label Shaurya Sanadhya which consists of western and ethnic wear collections.

In addition, she has also created Rerun by Shaurya, a thrift store that promotes sustainable fashion, offering curated pre-loved clothing pieces.

#3 - Deeksha Khurana

Brand: Dee Clothing

Deeksha Khurana's passion for fashion led her to create a clothing brand known for its contemporary designs and attention to detail. Her brand resonates with followers seeking unique and fashion-forward apparel With unisex clothes that are latest and trendy, she is amongst the favourite entrepreneurs of the new age audience.

#4 - Shlok Shrivastav

Brands: Overlays Clothing, Layers Electronics Shlok Shrivastav is a multi-talented entrepreneur who has made his mark in various industries and currently has 5 businesses. Out of the 5, Overlays focuses on clothing. Their motto behind the apparel is helping you be all that YOU imagined you could be. The aim behind his clothing line is to bring a positive approach to the lives of people who buy his merchandise.

Apart from this Layers Electronics is all about providing high-quality skins/covers for mobiles, laptops, and other electronic devices. As a director of several companies, Shlok showcases his business acumen and diverse skill set by earning good revenue from his ventures.

#5 - Aanam C

Brand: Wearified Aanam C's brand, Wearified, embodies her passion for cosmetics. Offering a range of products, from high-quality makeup essentials to skincare items, Wearified empowers individuals to express their unique beauty.

#6 - Heli Ved

Brand: Heli and Kumar

Heli Ved's creative pursuits extend to both the fashion and stationary realms. With her brand, Heli and Kumar Apparels and Stationary, she curates trendy and fashion-forward clothing pieces as well as aesthetically pleasing stationary items. #7 - Rapper King Brand: Blanko Perfume

Rapper King, known for his musical talents, has ventured into the fragrance industry with Blanko Perfume. Collaborating with Raj Shamani's House of X for the launch, his brand offers an exquisite collection of captivating scents, appealing to individuals seeking a unique olfactory experience.

#8 - Beyounick

Brand: KRA

Beyounick, a renowned content creator, has expanded his influence in the fashion industry with the brand KRA. Embodying his signature style, KRA offers a range of streetwear fashion and urban-inspired clothing that resonates with his followers. #9 - Malvika Sitlani Brand: Masic Beauty

Malvika Sitlani's brand, Masic Beauty, is committed to providing luxury in a budget-friendly way with artisan-crafted beauty products. With a focus on quality and affordability, Masic Beauty empowers individuals to enhance their natural beauty.

#10 - Debasree Banerjee Brand: #debasree Debasree Banerjee, a prominent beauty influencer, has developed her brand, #debasree, catering to the beauty needs of her followers. With a range of high-quality beauty and makeup products, #debasree embraces inclusivity and empowers individuals to express themselves through beauty. Her brand is targeted towards men & women who are constantly striving to break definitions and stereotypes.

#11 - Parul Gulati Brand: Nish Hair

Parul Gulati's brand, Nish Hair, is a testament to her passion for hair care. Having showcased in Shark Tank India, she specializes in premium human hair extensions. Nish Hair offers high-quality and natural-looking hair solutions for those seeking to enhance their locks but also looking for a change. Designed as something for all, her brand also offers colourful hair extensions for those who fear experimenting on their original hair but love to pop. #12 - Abhinav Yadav Brand: Create Your Taste

Abhinav Yadav's brand, Create Your Taste, celebrates local artisans and promotes sustainable living. Offering a curated collection of home decor sourced from local artisans, Create Your Taste showcases handmade bamboo, jute, and cane products that mainly go into home decor. #13 - Vishnu Brand: Peach By Vishnu Vishnu's brand, Peach By Vishnu, brings together his passion for fashion, accessories, and stationery. With a range of thoughtfully designed products, including clothing, accessories, and stationery items, Peach By Vishnu appeals to individuals seeking style, functionality, and creativity.

With more and more influencers establishing their brands as a solid side income, it does not seem to be a fleeting trend. Call it a backup plan for future security, the resonating effect created by these creators has helped them turn their followers into a loyal community.

Even when not all influencers are embracing entrepreneurship, some prefer to collaborate with established consumer brands for co-branding or building their own limited-edition projects. This strategy boosts sales and brand visibility as influencers align their name without taking the added investment risk.

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