Seamless Brand Integration through Sketch Videos on YouTube to reach the Desired Target Audience

Mcent a mobile-based web browser application launched their social media campaign in 2017 during Diwali, in the month of October. The campaign was aimed at promoting the web browser by collaborating with comedy content creators and tech influencers on YouTube for creating content videos for the brand. Mcent aimed at engaging the audience through the medium of YouTube as sketches are the new ways of infotainment. This campaign involved one top YouTube comedy content creator for sketch video, mid-level tech YouTubers who talked about the features of the mobile application such as referrals and recharge using points feature. In addition to this, celebrities were also part of this campaign to amplify the reach.



Greenroom, India’s leading influencer marketing platform collaborated with Mcent to execute the social media campaign through all stages. The first step was to correctly identify the influencers who reflect the aim of the campaign. Lalit Shokeen was taken on board for creating comedy sketch video in order to reach out to the larger youth-centric target audience base. Then Tech Youtubers were involved in creating tutorial based videos which talked about the various features of the Mcent mobile application. Celebrities like Rannvijay Singha and Saina Nehwal were on board to amplify the reach by promoting the Mcent browser using the campaign hashtag #DiwaliRechargegift.


Tech YouTubers were a must-have choice for the promotion of Mcent browser as it would reach the appropriate target audience. Technical Siddartha, Technical Mayank, Sharma G, Techno Sahil, Technical Chauhan, Batraji Tech, Technical Vijay, TBoss, Tips in Hindi and Self earning are the Tech YouTubers that were zeroed down for this campaign. Keeping in mind the sentiment quotient of the campaign, team Greenroom used social media analytics to sort out influencers across different genres and platforms to increase the reach of the campaign.

The campaign was designed in such a way that it incorporated a group of influencers who would reveal the perks of the mcent browser for engaging the audience in the content ultimately leading them to download the browser. Mcent used comedy content creators and tech influencers on YouTube to seamlessly integrate brand Mcent in order to reach out to their youth-centric target audience. The Mcent mobile application is a mobile-based web browser which you can get points based on your browsing time and convert those points into money for mobile phone recharge.


Youtube is one of the most followed platforms for Tech related news and updates, this helped Mcent in reaching out to the right set of target audience. Mcent mobile application is mostly youth-centric and hence with Youtube as a platform they could connect to their target audience base. A seamless brand integration explaining how the browser used also helped with audience retention. The total reach of the campaign was about 3.5 Million with Lalit alone reaching to 3.2 million people across all platforms.

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