Social Media Campaign to Leverage the Power of Emotions

Samsung launched their #ShootItShopIt social media campaign in 2018 from January to March. The campaign was aimed at promoting the Samsung Mall feature by collaborating with mini-celebrities. Samsung aimed at engaging the audience with a message of social cause and encouraging the audience to be a part of the change.


Varun Pruthi who is an incredibly talented actor and dancer has been actively involved in philanthropy and runs an initiative, named, BHB – Bring Humanity Back.  Samsung roped him in to execute this campaign.


When you create content with an emotional and human touch, they have a long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience. The marketing approach has changed in the contemporary world. The aim is to reach hearts, to enkindle emotions, which increases the recall value of the content rather than targeting the wallets of the audience. The social media campaign involved Varun visiting a playground near to his locality, where he found underprivileged kids trying to play cricket with a broken bat. He interacted with the kids on the ground to find out that they did not have proper bat and ball to play cricket. He then used the Samsung Mall feature through a Samsung phone to buy a set of cricket bat and ball. Varun then used the Samsung Mall feature to buy clothes and shoes for the kids.

The Samsung Mall feature is a great solution for shopping whatever you like, simply by clicking a picture of it. It is hard to describe the exact features of a clothing item or accessory or any item in general. Samsung Mall feature makes it seem like a cakewalk, just by clicking a picture of the item you desire to have.



Content videos involving any social cause is often participative and hence receive higher engagement and responses from people across regions. Varun Pruthi is one of the top YouTubers for social cause content from India. Samsung integrated their Samsung Mall promotion in Varun Pruthi’s content video and reached about 2 million people on Youtube. After amplifying the video on his Facebook and Instagram pages, the video reached another 20 million people on Facebook and 1.5 million people on Instagram.


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