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YouTube’s Exciting New Feature – YouTube Shorts

Video as a means of content creation and expression has always ruled the Internet. While YouTube and Vimeo have allowed creators to produce long-form content, platforms like TikTok and Dubsmash encouraged netizens to create fun, quirky, lively videos within a minute. Regardless of the duration, videos have consistently ranked higher in terms of engagement, as compared to a written piece about the same topic.

Such is the popularity of videos that The Coca-Cola company has taken to YouTube to chart out its content marketing vision, and Ted-Ed videos are often used as learning aids in classrooms.

Immense scope for growth

Following the ban of TikTok in India, content creators began to experiment with other similar apps, and major tech companies have raced against time to cater to this gnawing gap in the short-format video space. Instagram Reels, as one of the early entrants, captivated existing as well as new Instagrammers.

Now, joining the race is YouTube, with its new product – YouTube Shorts.

How does YouTube Shorts function

Shorts is a short-form video app that allows users to create videos of up to 15 seconds, and it comes with tools like multi-segment camera, timers, music etc. With the help of these tools, videos recorded on YouTube are rendered far more engaging, creative and entertaining. Music can easily be integrated into Shorts because of the access YouTube has to a large library of songs, thanks to partnerships with T-series and Believe Digital. It is looking at expanding its library to include many other labels and publishers as well.

Why your brand should know all about YouTube Shorts

There are many reasons why we are excited about this, and that is not just because it’s a feature that is going to be rolled out only in India!

Firstly, YouTube has a massive user-base in India. Many major names in influencer marketing started out as YouTube vloggers. Since Shorts is an addition within the app, the likelihood of users taking to it is high. This also offers users a chance to discover new content through YouTube recommendations without necessarily subscribing to any channel.

Secondly, more content on Shorts means more users and followers, thereby generating a space brands can hope to leverage. While content on YouTube Shorts alone will not make creators stand out, the eagerness of creators to use the new surface is likely to attract users and brands alike. Very soon, Shorts could be seen playing an integral part in the content strategy of brands.

Third, there is no dearth of content buckets that can be explored through Shorts. From educational content to comedy to contests and giveaways, any interesting idea can be easily integrated with Shorts.

Fourth, YouTube is generally an expensive platform for brands to invest in owing to the longer video duration and higher reach. But with Shorts, the video length comes down, thereby bringing down costs as well.

Shorts is here to stay

We can’t wait to see how YouTube Shorts will take on the short-form video space and are eagerly waiting to see how brands and influencer begin to leverage this feature.

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