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Why is data analysis crucial for influencer marketing?

Influencer campaigns are widely regarded as one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques in today’s world. A big hurdle, however, has had many marketers topple over – a lack of data analytics. All verticals of digital marketing have taken giant strides forward with great advancement of data as the spine. Influencer marketing, the new kid on the block when it comes to marketing strategies, seek some strong support from data analytics.

93% of marketing professionals regard influencer engagement as an effective way to build brand awareness.

So, how can data contribute big time to running a more successful, as well as less cumbersome, influencer campaign?

#1) Targeting the right audience

To be able to reach out to the right kind of audience for your business goals, the first key step in designing your marketing strategy often turns out to be the most crucial factor for your success.

While you will get options to narrow down your audience as per geography, demography, behaviour and even psychography while running search engine, display or social media campaigns, you may not get the same advanced analytics for your influencer campaigns in most cases. As a result, you are not as sure of the success of your influencer campaigns as you would be while running the traditional SEM and SMM campaigns.

#2) Targeting the right influencer

It is equally important to find the right set of influencers for your branded post. Now here comes a trouble in manifolds. Firstly, a wide range of influencer database is not readily available. Secondly, even if there’s a database, spotting the most suited influencers entails a part of guesswork due to the lack of advanced data analytics to assist you with key metrics.

How does the followers’ profile of an influencer is in resonance with your TA profile, how good are the engagement metrics of the influencer, and many such essentials can be negotiated with the help of data.

#3) Knowing the true influence

One of the major problem areas for marketers is to figure out the true influence of an influencer. There’s a gap between reach and engagement that marketers tend to miss out on. Often, the numbers are too deceiving. In social media, engagement is the king. An influencer with 100,000 followers and 31% engagement rate is a better pick than a counterpart with 1 million followers and 3% engagement rate.

So, the true influence essentially is a marker of an influencer’s actual power of influence, which in turn goes on to determine the success of your campaign. But the issue marketers come across is a lack of data that can provide them with these key insights.

#4) Proper campaign tracking

An option of tracking performance metrics of ongoing campaigns provides you with a lot of flexibility and room to adjust. The entire process of running an influencer campaign remains to be the most cumbersome activity as compared to other digital marketing methods. A structured model of data analysis not only eases out the entire process, but also comes with a sense of assurance.

Also, a successful campaign eventually leads to a favourable future relationship with the brand and the influencer. So it becomes necessary to keep track of the happenings and mishappenings in the campaign so as to relate to it in the future campaigns.

#5) Complete campaign analysis

A tool for complete campaign analysis of the campaigns is extremely essential, for that would acumen the results of the campaign which could give the organization an insight about where it is going good and rooms for improvements. It can also let one determine the effectiveness of a particular campaign. Such a way, the organization would not echo the mistakes committed and would only build its way to excellence.

Closing Comments

Many new age influencer marketing service providers like Greenroom have been working seriously towards that and have been making considerable progress. Greenroom has recently upgraded their tool with cutting-edge data analytics where they try to negotiate all points discussed above. This comes as great assurance for brands to delve into influencer campaigns with an air of confidence.

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