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Why do brands need influencer events?

Influencer events – A growing trend

Influencers are everywhere now – not only online, but also influencing their followers outside their social media account. From major sporting or product launch events and music festivals to local festivals and even smaller boutique openings, influencers magnify the marketing message of the brand.

With the impressive power, content creators possess to influence their following, brands have found multiple ways to promote their products or services. While posting about a certain brand’s service is done over and over and will still continue for years to come, brands now arrange for influencers to attend events and talk about the product in a personal way. Brands have evolved to recognize the value of including content creators in their event marketing strategy. When partnering with brands at live events, influencers are able to reach a larger audience – not only their current followers but the group who attend the event (this could also help the influencers gain more followers). When content creators attend live events, it creates a different dimension to the product and the content.

Picking the right influencer

Key to this is also picking the right influencer, i.e. one that has natural and authentic advocacy for the brand. This is not always guaranteed, however, especially when it comes to one-off product promotion rather than a larger scale campaign. Typical one-off promotion may involve a brand sending a product to an influencer to use and feature in an Instagram post – which is not exactly proof of genuine advocacy.

This is where event marketing comes in, as it can be extremely helpful for brands that want to invest in more authentic and longer-term influencer partnerships. While most people might consider an event from the consumer perspective – i.e. to enable people to ‘experience’ a brand in person – the same applies to influencers. By giving influencers an enjoyable and immersive experience, brands are able to foster and build real brand advocacy, which can result in more authentic and higher quality content.

Throwing an influencer event

Throwing such events would require a sizeable budget from the brand. But also the results are momentous, so big brands plan this and set out to target these influencers’ followers through these events.

Image result for stock planning event

While an event sounds very exciting, a lot goes into planning. Some basic necessities like wifi, food, giveaways, and agenda have to be set. The activities have to be interesting enough for the influencers to share about on their social media. Make your event interesting and shareable. Remember; they’re content creators—if they haven’t got their phones out and engaging with the event then it’s not interesting enough for them.

While planning the event, do not just design it around the influencers. Also, think about the audience you have in mind. Having a catchy hashtag specific for the event is a good idea.

Some of the key reasons why brands have evolved the marketing into events as well

What’s in it for the brand?

Personal touch by the influencers with the brand

Followers get a more intricate review of the brand

Influencer attendance at events can increase traffic to an event. Influencers can also increase brand awareness and create authentic, real-time content for the brand. When comparing events that influencers have endorsed against events where there was not an influencer marketing plan, the difference is really the event marketing plan. A plan that includes content creators sees a significant lift in awareness. There are many great events competing for the consumers’ attention. Those events that leverage social influencers create a conversation in your social channels every day.

What’s in it for the influencers?

Some of these events are also used as a pamper session for the influencers. This stems from a long-term collaboration between the brand and the influencer

Influencers gain new followers from the brand’s event attendees

By being invited to participate in events, brands acknowledge that the influencer aligns with their brand. From the audience’s side, followers love to see influencers partnering with their favorite brands.

Content creators gain additional power in their voice by attending and supporting live events. 

Image result for kay beauty event

Actress Katrina Kaif aligns with influencers and has a Nykaa event for the launch of her new Kay Beauty

These events aren’t the usual monotony of just speakers and team activities.  Influencers are encouraged to create content on their social media feeds and the outcome is mutually beneficial. If the brand relates to the content, they end up sharing images of the influencers at the event on the brand’s Instagram page.

The combination of brands and influencers at events is powerful. The ability of these influencers to bring non-event attendees into a live event through real-time social content is powerful. Not just in terms of attending events, but also create enough interest for the followers to generate sales for the brand.


Has your brand thought about setting up an influencer marketing event? Do you have an upcoming event strategy? Do let us know below in the comments section or visit our websiteFacebookTwitter or Instagram pages to reach out to us.

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