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What B2B can gain from influencer marketing

A recent study reveals that 84% of marketers, across industries, plans to develop strong influencer relationship strategies this year. Content marketing is the mainstay for all B2B marketers, and to succeed at that, marketers are inclining towards influencers.

Influencers are the very basis of successful and far-reaching content marketing and insightful campaigns. But the hard part comes in making exact pairings of influencers and companies — the yin of a recognized influencer with the yang of a product or service that they can instantly brand in a positive, forceful way. – Ezra Hernandez, Blue Raven Solar

So how can B2B marketing be helped with influencers?

Influencers help deliver content in a more potent way

Once you take the first crucial step, that is, zeroing down on your target audience and channels to get your business objectives completed, half the battle is won. But the problem still lies in reaching out to your TA effectively through your content. B2B, in particular, has to negotiate with really complex content strategies.

Spreading the word out through industry influencers ensures that the content reaches to a broader section of the right set of audiences as well as the community of industry experts. The determining factor though is to be able to spot and negotiate with influencers who are perfectly suited for your business objectives.

Using an influencer to motivate such disparate groups as retail banking technology buyers, capital markets, the telecom industry, and also enterprise technology consumers, takes a deft and confident touch. Too broad a stroke means that pinpointing the influencer will not be possible, and the wasted time and expense can become considerable. – Joseph Serrano, President of CX Insurance

Influencers add the element of authenticity to your content

Particularly for B2B, authenticity plays a big role in clients’ minds. Especially for industries with high competition, the elements of credibility and authenticity often determines who gets the edge over others. Influencers are industry experts who are bestowed with a lot of belief by their followers, and hence, they don’t just help you reach out to a large number people but also, help your content to ride on the trust factor that they possess.Getting influencers to talk about your brand, products or services adds a lot of authentic ‘non-marketing’ value to your content.

Thus, getting influencers to talk about your brand, products or services adds a lot of authentic ‘non-marketing’ value to your content, putting you ahead of your competitors.

Influencers help increase the amount of content

An in-house content team of the marketing department can produce a limited amount of content. There are influencers who develop content for branded posts on their own. This comes with manifold benefits. Firstly, the time and labour for creating a new set of content are saved, and secondly, influencers develop content in a style tailor-made for their audience.

Influencers know the pulse of their followers better than the brands and it is therefore much prudent to let them develop and disseminate content for your brand. That will eventually lead to a better impact.

Influencers are often better at the subject matter than the marketing team

This is one more crucial factor that greatly affects the potential of content marketing. For B2B, educating the prospect with engaging and value adding content is the key. Many a time, the marketing team is not theoretically equipped with the subject matter fluency that an industry expert has. So, even in terms of quality of content, influencers often add a lot of value.

Brands like IBM and LinkedIn have been consistently collaborating with influencers for many of their content marketing for some time now and have been successfully able to leverage a lot out of that.

If you feel it’s time that you take up to influencer marketing, reach out to Greenroom, India’s leading influencer marketing platform with cutting edge data analysis today.


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