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Valentine’s Day made special with #SwitchMyTech

To make Valentine’s day memorable this year, Acer came up with an idea to establish greater connection with it’s audience through conversations. This social media activity was about people dating Artificial Intelligence rather than people. The concept is related to the fact that people fail to keep their promises and break hearts. It also showcases, how different brands fail to follow through their words of delivering what they promise.

For this campaign, twitter was selected as the mode of

social media and three set of influencers were chosen for the execution. The first set of influencers included  Rajiv Makhni, Sharmaji Technical and other similar influencers. They were selected based on their popularity and their expertise in the field of technology. The initial stage of the campaign kick started on 13th February, with the first set of influencers tweeting about how they would rather date an AI than a human. This was aimed at creating a buzz around the campaign using #SwitchMyTech.

Rajiv Makhni tweet
Sharmaji technical tweet
Responses from audience

This led to the campaign getting mixed reactions from the audience and was successful at creating a dialogue around the topic. The second part of the campaign was further executed on Valentine’s day itself, with the next set of influencers talking about their own preferences and opinions about dating an AI and the various problems that they face while using laptops with #SwitchMyTech. Lastly, Acer answered all their queries with #SwitchToLove. This led to amplified communication on twitter revolving around the campaign and the hashtag went on to become one of the top three trending hashtags in India on 14th February.

Acer Response

Greenroom in partnership with Isobar executed the campaign. Greenroom was involved in executing the influencer campaign. The campaign managed to get 210K reach overall and due to its personalized approach, was received well by the audience.

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