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Top 5 Influencer Marketing campaigns of 2018

2018 has been an eventful year for marketing of all sorts. But for influencer marketing, this is the year the industry touched billions. This is the year when some brands even decided to set aside 70 – 80% of their marketing budget for one strategy. This is the year smaller social media artists became huge influencers. Brands realized the potentials of micro and macro influencers and shifted their focus from traditional methods of marketing.

With the increasing amount of popularity, the social media influencer marketing is also becoming increasingly competitive and creative on Instagram and YouTube, where only good and effective campaigns have started gaining followers’ interest. Demonstrating authenticity and creative skill, these distinguished brands have started to become really creative.

From comedic vlogs to makeup artistry, these best brands of 2018 are innovative and changing the game across YouTube and Instagram. With astonishing growth year-over-year, they continually gain brand awareness and sales that they are achieving.

Here are the 5 best influencer marketing campaigns of 2018:


The Fabindia Indigo Trail campaign aimed at showcasing the process of Indigo dyeing with the help of Influencers. Fabindia zeroed in on two influencers Aanchal Goel & Vrushika Mehta who were given the chance to explore and understand the process of Indigo dyeing from the indigo farms at Pipar a village close to Jodhpur. The influencers traveled to Pipar covered the entire process of indigo dyeing. They were also given a chance to interact with the people who work on the indigo plantations to learn their experience of the indigo dyeing process.

Greenroom collaborated with Fabindia in choosing the right set of influencers and worked on planning the content for the campaign. The Fabindia campaign primarily targeted Instagram as the platform for communication. Fashion influencers and fashion related content work wonders on Instagram, which was the primary reason to zero in on Instagram as the communication platform. The right choice of influencers and choice of a platform according to the requirement helped the campaign performance.

A post shared by Vrushika Mehta (@vrushyy) on Jun 24, 2018 at 6:15am PDT

A unique approach to communicate the process of Indigo dyeing by using influencers to visit Indigo farms paid off very well, as the influencer content received huge traction on the social platforms.

A post shared by Anchal Goel Batra (@mymultifaceteddiary) on Jun 21, 2018 at 7:22am PDT

The Fabindia Indigo campaign acted as a perfect opportunity for these followers to understand end to end process of Indigo dyeing, which resulted in greater reach and traction for the campaign.

Red Label Tea Campaign

India vs Pakistan has always been one of the most followed rivalries in the cricketing history. The two neighboring countries always attract eye-balls when it comes to cricket. With Asia cup approaching, Red Label planned a campaign around the 1996 World Cup match between India and Pakistan. An intense argument between Aamir Sohail and Venkatesh Prasad not only set the tone for the match but what was to come for the teams over the next few years.


With an India-Pakistan match coming up in the Asia Cup, Red Label planned a TV commercial in which Venkatesh Prasad and Aamir Sohail would come together and talk about their experiences about the classic duel between them over a Red Label tea. This campaign needed promotion across social media and primarily targeted Twitter as a platform. Greenroom identified cricket based influencers and celebrities across India to participate in amplifying this campaign. These celebrities and influencers were made to tweet about the TVC on their respective social handles. The entire campaign was themed on the hashtag #SwadApnepanKa. Celebrities like VVS LaxmanSanjay ManjerekarIrfan PathanMohammad KaifMandira Bedi & Mohammed Azharuddin and Influencers like  Gaurav KapurJatin SapruGautam BhimaniTrendulkar tweeted about the meet on Twitter.

Platinum Guild India

Platinum Guild International a popular brand for platinum jewelry looked at promoting their new collection of platinum bands by collaborating with influencers like  Bruised PassportsShalini ChopraRohit Chopra, Larissa DsaSiddharth KekarSantoshi ShettyUsaamah SiddiqueMeenakshi PamnaniRavi TejaSahithya Jagannathan & Cary Edwards. On the occasion of Love Note Day which is celebrated on 26th of September, PGI (Platinum Guild International) collaborated with couple influencers with the theme being Love Note. Greenroom helped in identifying the top couple influencers across India and executed the campaign. PGI wanted to bring back the culture of writing notes to loved ones and promoted the idea of love notes through influencers.


The influencers created content on the lines of love notes to their better half and tagged them on social media with a subtle integration of the brand. Influencers created content in their unique style and asked followers to take part in the love note celebration by sharing their version of a love note for their partner or better half. – Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot

The NGO Omaze went the contest way by teaming up with the actress Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame and Patty Jenkins both of who were filming for the movie at the time. The campaign is giving money to the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), which helps to improve outcomes of former prisoners and build healthier communities. The organization started out as an annual camping trip with a few of these ex-incarcerated juveniles and young people with positive mentors to help encourage and guide them through aspects of career and life. The ARC has since grown into a network of more than 450 members and hundreds of volunteers.

By visiting the campaign, you can donate money to the ARC. In turn, your donated money offers you a shot at getting that VIP trip to the Wonder Woman 1984 set. The more you donate, the better your chance is of winning the grand prize, it’s as simple as that.

If you donate $10, you’re eligible for 100 entries into the drawing. $25 gets you 250 entries. You can double your entries by donating $50, getting you a total of 1,000 names in the hat. In addition to the grand prize drawing, you can also shell out bigger donations to get instant prizes, like a Wonder Woman script signed by the cast and director, and autographed photo of Gal Gadot, or even a collectible statue.

This campaign was boosted all through Instagram and with Gal Gadot having an Instagram following of over 26 million got just 3 million views on the video with 5000 comments and 5 lakh likes. Also sharing the hashtag with the movie Wonder Woman 84, the engagement rate was extremely high. is heavily focussed on influencer based travel posts. The brand takes along some of the highly-followed Instagrammers on trips which includes their stay, food, and even clothing credit.

These experiences are so perfectly curated that even the background of a photo will be planned sometimes days in advance. The team is usually proficient at coordinating picture-perfect moments. It is mostly about the location and the perfect colors. Every single shot is taken with the notion that it will be viewed by millions of users on Instagram. This kind of campaigns has been giving them direct access to hundreds of thousands of potential new customers.

Of course, these posts come with shoppable links. Businesses like Revolve plan these partnerships ahead of time with projected reach and mutually beneficial opportunity.

Image result for revolve influencer

A bunch of influencers in one trip – the fashion brand knows what it is doing

The brand brings together a bunch of Bachelor, Bachelorette contestants to send them on a trip. With all of them posting pictures from their respective accounts, they gather a million views easily.

It is said that the fashion brand Revolve in 2018 made 70% of their sales from the influencer posts. Revolve is known for notoriously exotic trips where they take a bunch of influencers in a lavish, private jet trip and rely on their following for reach. Revolve makes sure that they get most out of their investment in a trip. It has successfully stamped itself as the cool-girl brand.

What are your top campaigns? Let us know below in the comments! And if you are interested in running a campaign like this, have a look at our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

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