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The tale of Pallavi Ruhail – Influencer Corner

Right off the bat, you notice how Pallavi has a very practical and positive approach in her career and life. She talks enthusiastically about she appreciates the little things in life.

What started as a hobby, turned into a passion for her. Her ignited passion for fashion and lifestyle has been molded into a full-blown career now. Her page That Delhi Girl had gradually picked up the pace and she had to choose between her regular job and her passion project. When asked what pushed to her to pick the blog, she simply says she enjoyed this more.

How long has it been since you started?

I started 5 years back and it took almost two and a half years to establish this as a proper blog.

Which point did you get away from regular work?

My day-time job was quite time-consuming. It was the usual 9am -8pm time and my hours prevented me to focus on my blog completely. My blog let me travel extensively, meet people and after a while, even earned quite a bit of money. It was a clear decision for me to move on from my day gig.

It’s been 5 years. How do you still manage to keep your content fresh? 

Maintaining flexibility in my mixed portfolio helps.  I do not just stick to writing or posting about fashion or travel. I expand my interests to makeup or beauty, health, gadgets, and even automobiles. This has motivated me endlessly.

You never run out of content when your job interests you.

How do you end up choosing the brands you work with?

I have worked with numerous kinds of brands. Of course, I get approached by brands that I don’t approve of. If the product doesn’t match my sensibilities or work along with my thought process, I make sure that I don’t work with them.

For eg, If a brand approaches me to encourage weight loss or if I have previously used their product and I disliked it, I find it impossible to work with them. As a blogger, my friends on Instagram matter the most to me. I have to stay reliable and true to their faith.

A post shared by Pallavi Singh 🦁 (@pallavisinghtdg) on Oct 22, 2018 at 5:01am PDT

How do you handle trolls and haters?

If I get any criticism about my work, I am happy to receive it. I make sure my followers realize that any post about a product or service is my personal opinion.

When it comes to trolls and haters, I don’t believe in handling them. I plainly just ignore them. I realized that if you don’t validate their comments and indulge in the hate, they get bored of picking on you. You tend to grow a thick skin in this industry, but it is always an ongoing process.

That said, as a newbie, I would have taken it personally ten years back.

Tell us a side of Pallavi Ruhail that we don’t know. What do you enjoy doing apart from your work? 

I really enjoy doing simple things around the house like basic chores or even laundry and cooking. I also love planning vacations with friends or family.

Any exciting upcoming plans? 

Of course, I do have something planned. I am quite practical and still exploring my options for the future.

Thanks, Pallavi! We are quite excited to see what you have planned for the future. That was fun and hope to see you back on Greenroom soon. 

Keep watching this space for more interviews with your favorite influencers.

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