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The Peer Reviewer – Aniruddh

The peer reviewer- Aniruddh


Started blogging to improve his writing skills and vocabulary, Aniruddh today is the leading tech reviewer in India. Aniruddh started blogging in 2008 and has come a long way till date.

“My aim was to improve my writing skills. Gadgets are what I am passionate about. So I started writing about gadgets. Over the time, I learnt a few things about blogging and in the meanwhile, my writing also slightly improved. Readers support made me reach this level.”

A tech geek since ever, Aniruddh has been reviewing the latest gadgets and giving out honest reviews about the products he reviews. He says he would never give any unauthentic reviews to his readers as its because of them he is what he is today. Such an undisguised person Aniruddh is.


Started blogging when there was not much competition and still ruling on the top, Aniruddh reviews even the slightest atom by being acquainted with other reviewer’s review and what they have missed upon.

“By the time, we buy the device and give our quick overview, there will already be in depth reviews. Those who are in “selected list” of the brand will be always way ahead of us. This makes us to dig and find out what others have not covered related to the customer’s requirement. Based on that, we need to make blog posts.”

Thanking Jio for the high-speed internet favouring him to keep his readers updated about his daily happenings, Aniruddh said he loves Instagram as it is easy and quick to respond to his audience. He says, “I like it very much because audience response is quick. Also as it is all about images, easier to share camera samples, product images etc.”


“Influencer Marketing is very important for the augmentation of the business as without them it will be difficult for an influencer to meet brands and vice-versa.”

When asked about his perception on Influencer Marketing he remarks, “It is very helpful. It helps brands to reach a more targeted audience. It helps consumers to know about the latest technologies and what we can expect for his budget.

His favourite campaign being ‘AXIS BANK THOUGHT FACTORY’, Aniruddh is very particular about the campaigns he chooses as he has short-term preferences. He adds up saying that he chooses campaigns that he feels is worthy to his readers.

“First thing I do before accepting any campaign is to check whether it really worth? If yes then only accept. I do highlight about the key features and mention about key flows as well. End of the day, it is the reader who made me what I am now. If I lose trust of them, I will lose everything. I try to avoid promoting bad product which I think it is not worth.”

A word of advice to the wannabe’s: “Don’t write for the sake of making money. Be honest. Be passionate about what you write.”

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