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The New Era of Digital Publications

Digital platforms are the new source of marketing as a way to reach out to people. Most of the news and information that we get today is from these digital platforms. It has also become a source of many interactions and opinions that people have about different aspects of a particular news story, a product review or in general whatever it is that needs to be told. Some of these platforms that allow you to publish your content are now the driving forces of the digital revolution. Although India has been a bit late in entering the digital race in publishing content online due to various regional policies and limited internet spectrum, but the growing popularity of mobile devices and easy to use apps have given Indian writers the needed push to express the thoughts and views of one of the largest community in the world. 

digital publications

It is a platform where people can create their own identity as how prolific their take is on different subjects and topics. It has a very capable and easy to use writing and editing tool which makes it much more comfortable to share opinions. Highlights have also given it the flexibility of interaction where the medium posts are not just dull and dreary but crisp and happening. Different levels of readability and viewership are what keep it the top platform. And since it’s devoid of ads it saves you from unnecessary clutter and click-bait. Use it as your digital tool to publish your content and reach an audience.

LinkedIn Pulse

Perhaps it is enough to say that sometimes we just need to get professional in life and with that we also want our news and other connections to focus on the business aspect rather than on the gossip column. Pulse is one such platform which provides the digital world a professional approach. People who want to read and write regarding their business interests can now have such liberty while using Pulse. It also mentions if any of your connections was in the news and also what is trending in your group of office colleagues or other connections. It gives you the business point of view of the world that is wholly about an increase in productivity and profitability without diverging from the path of successful competition. Use it to gain that sharp edge for your business and to make new connections that share your ideas and innovations.

Twitter and other Microblogging Platforms

When the age of mobile devices started. One message approximately contained 160 characters. But due to high data cost, it got somewhat drowned in a sea of information. Twitter started out as a means of communication in short burst messages, allowing the user only 140 characters for a single message. It’s easy usage and ability to express short opinions has now become its driving force. Tagging and trending of subjects have now become an icon of the current way news is delivered to a user. Similarly, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat also provide small bursts of marketing and a medium to connect with the required followers and the dedicated community a user has. They have in themselves become a market for digital publishing.

Started with the sole objective to get artists and writers published and get their talented works to be displayed. Kalaage has now been focusing on getting the Indian writers a platform for their short stories, articles, poems, movie reviews and other written stuff a place to be published. It is a bridge that connects the publishers with the writers. Be it online e-mags, online newspaper articles or content writing for websites or products with online pages. Its current target is to get more Indian writers in the digital publishing scene. Digital publishing in India is growing and Kalaage has become the foremost runners to gain the lead of bridging the communication gap between writers and publishers.

Written by Apoorv Bansal

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