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The Importance of Personal Branding


Do you have a personal brand? As an artist or a specialist a certain domain, it is very important to build your own personal brand. This not only helps build your following and clout, but also help you get ahead as a professional. Over the years, celebrities and influencers have continued to bank on social media for brand management exercise. But that task is getting more and more difficult with the increasing clutter in the online space.

Social media landscape is changing rapidly. With continuous alterations in algorithm, one needs to be upbeat with a complex mix of creativity and technical aspects to stay in the hunt. Let’s look at some of the key aspects that have made managing social media such a daunting task:

Multiple Platforms


It seems that there’s a new social media platform coming up everyday, and it takes a hardly a month or two for people to crowd in there. It is getting increasingly difficult to engage with people across all social channels, each having unique features.

Social Listening


The backbone of understanding your audience is this task of constant monitoring to keep yourself abreast with what people are talking about your industry. But then again, with only one pair of eyes without much technical help to survey the vast ocean, it takes a toll.

Unique Content


This alone is enough to give you sleepless nights. Posting unique content in various forms, tailor-made for individual platforms, is challenging as you need to come with ideas that not only represents your personal brand, but also helps increase your following.

Engaging People


Content being unique is not the only criteria to make things happen. For social media, engagement defines the merit of a content. It needs to be of the  kind that people talk about and share.

Promoted Posts


With big brands coming into the picture, millions of dollars are pumped into social media for visibility of content. Organic reach is already finding it tantamount an objective to compete with promoted posts and ads.

Driven by Metrics


The array of numbers that’s derived out of your each and every activity determines your performance and subsequently forms the markers for your improvement. Your growth lies in your ability to align and realign your strategies as per the data, and this task is not a cakewalk.

The dynamics are expected to become more complex with passing time, making it even more difficult to make a mark on social media. It remains to be a multifaceted task, and not an easy one by far, that one needs to master, to champion the right social media strategy.

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