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The generation one blogger – Gia Kashyap

A person who comes in the list of ‘the first generation’ bloggers of the country, a person who grew up with her blog, a person who never imagined of getting into this so-called “offbeat” career, Gia Kashyap has proved explicitly that being in love constantly with one’s passion will only lead to satisfaction and a feeling of jubilance for being successful.

Gia is all delighted and set to unfurl her story to Team Greenroom Buzz.


Gia recollects her journey, “I started off in 2009 when blogging was quite an alien term. Being a first-generation blogger in India, I have slowly learnt to adapt to the market. I have literally grown with my blog, from being a teenager to my 20s. It’s been such a long and a fruitful journey. Never would I have ever imagined that I would end up with such an offbeat career.”

GIA (34 of 156)

“To me, Fashion is an art. I get inspired by colours, textures and compilation. It’s just like building a house. You create something magnificent by using different elements.”

Gia, who is the founder of the successful fashion blog site, feels bloggers have various roles to play and are very efficient multi-taskers. She is her own stylist,  photographer, art director, social media manager and what not!

Gia has a small team to manage her social profiles who are always striving hard to keep up the standard which has won Gia a lot of love from her followers. While talking about her team Gia adds, “I used to handle all aspects of my blog / social media channels until I decided to hire someone to do the same. I love being in control but at times you have to trust someone else so you can concentrate on making better content.”


“I create Mood boards before every photo shoot and discuss the same with my photographer. There’s a lot that goes behind every photo or video you have seen on my blog or on my social media pages.”

You can follow Gia on InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Youtube for anything and everything you need to know about the current fashion trends. Talking about her favourite social media platform, Gia loves Instagram and Instagram stories as she feels it helps her connect with her audience in real-time.

Gia has come a long way since she started blogging and she feels that the influence of digitization on the fashion industry has been growing in parallel as well.

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“Today, Influencers play a huge role in promoting brands. As bloggers or influencers are very relatable, brands have started investing in them as it’s easier to reach the target audience. Micro-celebrities are a huge asset to the fashion industry.” – Gia

Gia believes in realistic approach for all her content as she thinks being realistic will help her connect truly to her audience’s nerves. She also adds, “Fashion blogs and video channels are more realistic as compared to what you see on TV. Most of these videos and images are not made up but they’re real women/men showing you how to dress or how to wear makeup.”


“I post content that adds value to someone’s life.  I love exchanging information with my audience. It’s not always about ME. It’s also about them.” – Gia

Gia gratifies her audience and brands from making one of the most influential Fashion blogs in India. She has a certain work ethics which has made her the favorite of so many brands. She is choosy and hence she is classy. When asked about the branded campaigns she says, “Firstly, I don’t take up all projects. I pick and choose the brands that are in sync with my blog. Secondly, I always try to create a story about the product or review the product only if I like it. Good work ethics matter a lot in the blogging industry!” 


She is choosy and hence classy. Whatever campaign she chooses to work for becomes her favourite for the time being.

A suggestion to the budding fashion bloggers: “Treat every project/campaign as your first one” – Gia

There’s no single path to success. Success is very subjective. Create your own road to it is what Gia upholds as the mantra. We wish Gia all the very best in all her future endeavours.

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