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#SayItWithLove – Influencer Campaign on Love Note Day


Platinum Guild International a popular brand for platinum jewellery looked at promoting their new collection of platinum bands by collaborating with influencers. On the occasion of Love Note Day which is celebrated on 26th of September, PGI (Platinum Guild International) collaborated with couple influencers with the theme being Love Note. Greenroom helped in identifying the top couple influencers across India and executed the campaign. PGI wanted to bring back the culture of writing notes to loved ones and promoted the idea of love notes through influencers. The influencers created content on the lines of love notes to their better half and tagged them on social media with a subtle integration of the brand. Influencers created content in their unique style and asked followers to take part in the love note celebration by sharing their version of a love note for their partner or better half.





The choice of couple influencers for the Platinum Guild International campaign worked wonders for the brand as it was positioned around Love Note day. The content from the couple influencers helped in garnering good engagement, their followers started posting their versions of the love note day. The primary objective of the campaign was to bring back the concept of love note with a subtle integration of PGI. The platinum bands featured in few of the influencer posts highlighting the product. Overall the campaign featured 6 couple influencers who created unique content and targeted only Instagram for communication. The overall performance of the campaign was good, with the Reach being around 600K and with an Engagement of about 100K.

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