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Popular YouTubers of India and How They Made It

Being famous is something that everyone wants. We watch our movie stars every day and want to be like them. But all of us don’t have the same fortune as them. But we all have talents. To express it we find different ways and excel in our fields. But to reach mass audiences that accept our talent we now use forms like videos. Yes! Don’t we all follow YouTube diligently? We also have some quite popular people in India who have made a name for themselves by making YouTube videos. And can now be called YouTube stars. Let’s get to know a few.

Bhuvan Bam

All of us rage and want to express it. He did the same one day but not with anger but with comedy. His video hit the mark and went viral. His trademark style of using himself to play all the characters of his script shows his ease at acting and script writing. Started in 2015 and now with 20 lakh subscribers, ‘BB Ki vines’ is now a household name for some fun sarcastic videos on recent events. By continuous content creation, he made his onetime success, a permanent source new opportunities. Check out Bhuvan’s YouTube channel.

Nisha Madhulika

She is a chef who liked cooking from her childhood. But she started exploring and uploading her recipes after getting inspired from a blog. Started her own blog and after almost 100 recipes decided to make videos on YouTube due popular demand from followers. Now having made almost 1100 recipes she has been awarded top chef from YouTube. Her attitude to never give up and knowing that cooking is something that she was good at made her a YouTube star that she is today with almost over 10lakh subscribers. Check out Nisha’s YouTube channel.

Tanmay Bhat

We all have that one fat friend who is made to be the joke of the group but for Tanmay it had been the other way around. His flair for roasting and his quick sharp-witted replies have made him the co-founder of AIB. The top comedy content creator for Indian audiences on YouTube. He started comedy as early as 2009 with Vir Das as one of his colleagues in a comedy club. With his persistent attitude, he has now become one of the richest celebrities in league with Shah Rukh Khan, according to Forbes. Check out Tanmay’s playground on YouTube – AIB.

Ranjit Kumar

Today technology and its complexity is something that all of the general population doesn’t understand. For that, we need experts who can give it to us in layman terms and be able to satisfy everyone’s needs. He does just that. His tech solutions and opinions are a very detailed and to the point. Reviews of new gadgets after their release can make up for the public opinion. His unbiased opinion is very important to his videos as it allows the user to decide his mind. Started in 2011, he now has a subscriber base of around 9.5 lakhs and also does stuff in English and Hindi. Check out Ranjit’s YouTube channel.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Giving advice is no easy thing nowadays and we also have too many people around us from our parents to our grandparents to teachers. But if someone who was not a preacher but a person who has experienced how to feel enlightened and share it with others then that is Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a motivational speaker and does not look like an old man or a baba. Moreover just your average guy. That’s his charm and his enigma. Started as a photographer who had the will to keep on striving. To share his experiences with others he does motivational speaking. Now with over 20 lakh subscribers his will to keep on striving has made him a true motivation for others. Check out Sandeep’s YouTube channel.

Written by Apoorv Bansal

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