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OnePlus 6 Launch Activity : Unboxing Video by Comedians


OnePlus launched their premium flagship phone the OnePlus 6 during May 2018. As part of the promotional activity, OnePlus invited stand-up comedians to do an unboxing video of the OnePlus 6. The approach to use comedians doing an unboxing video is one of the unique ways to promote an upcoming launch of a smartphone. In this campaign OnePlus worked with one of the best stand-up comedians in India Aravind SA for the OnePlus 6 unboxing video. Aravind SA known for his unique style of comedy collaborated with OnePlus for the launch of their flagship phone the OnePlus 6. The video was specifically targeted at YouTube as most of the unboxing videos are available and well received on YouTube. With good number of YouTube subscribers Aravind SA was an ideal choice for an unboxing video on YouTube.


Influencers – Aravind SA



The unboxing video from Aravind SA for the launch OnePlus 6 received great responses from social media. The unboxing video received more than 100K views on YouTube and received positive traction on YouTube. The unique approach in using a stand-up comedian for a unboxing video added a great value to OnePlus in terms of their promotional activity.

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