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New features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professional networking and community building. It has undergone much change in significance and utility over the last few years. In particular, there has been a rise in LinkedIn activity in the COVID-19 era. Not only has the number of profiles on LinkedIn gone up, but also the frequency of posting and the time spent on the platform have increased.

Now LinkedIn has risen to the occasion with a host of new messaging features and tools.

The Story Effect in LinkedIN

After Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn too has included the Story feature in its app. This allows users to share pertinent and timely information. Users can make use of Stories to draw attention to a new post or a webinar. Similar to the Stories in other social media platforms, they can include Stickers, GIFS, Polls, Mentions etc. in LinkedIn Stories as well. At present, however, LinkedIn has made this feature available only in selected countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, France. However, it is likely to roll out the feature across the world very soon.

LinkedIn now allows Video Conferencing

Among other new exciting features is the integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans. Users can now easily connect over a video call from an existing or new LinkedIn conversation with a single click. Users simply have to tap on the video icon in conversations and a pop-up opens with the list of video-conferencing options. The integration allows users to select one of the apps and even schedule calls for later.

Messaging Efficacy

Sending messages on LinkedIn is very often fraught with a lot of anxiety especially when shared with HRs and potential recruiters. Users cannot recall messages with typos or grammatical errors after sending them. With the new feature in the app, LinkedIn now allows for editing and deleting messages. This is especially beneficial when wrong attachments, especially wrong CVs, or important documents, are sent in conversations.

Quick reactions to messages, mass-editing of messages and inviting new users to pre-existing group conversations are other additions to the app. This provides more flexibility and ease of usage.

There is also scope now to report inappropriate messages.

Cross-device accessibility

Users can easily access these new features both on the mobile app as well as desktop version. While double-tapping does the trick on a mobile device, hovering the cursor on the concerned message or chat highlights the “…” icon to access the features.

LinkedIn’s Evolution

With these new updates, LinkedIn has made conversations and networking seamless and efficient. Both individual users as well as businesses can leverage the impact of these features. Brands can use Stories to interact with their followers and discuss key ideas, disseminate knowledge and through Story responses, even carry the conversation forward. With messaging features making chats more professional, job seekers and recruiters can find each other in far lesser time and engage in meaningful discussions.

How are you, as an individual and as a brand, using LinkedIn currently? Let us know in the comments below.

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