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Music across continents – Natania Lalwani

Natania Lalwani is a Mumbai-born singer and songwriter, currently based out of Los Angeles. Natania started her career back in 2012. She is best known for her single “Cherry Love”.  She grew up in Mumbai and went to study in a music school in LA (Musicians Institute). Natania has also worked for tv shows like The X Factor and Late Night With Seth Myers.  She believes,  “the challenge in being independent is how to get your song to the masses and a wide audience but I believe a song always finds it home as long as you do your part and hustle, drive your hunger and stay positive. Amazing things can happen!” She keeps herself connected with her followers on the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The singer and her works

She is a single-woman army, making music all by herself in collaboration with producers and animators for the lyric videos for various projects. According to Natania, the key is to generate authentic content that people can relate to,  and being consistent at that. Having her music hitting platforms like VH1 and Radio One, she feels that digital reach has a lot to play for the success of new age artists. When it comes to Social Networking platforms she says that “I think Facebook and Instagram are my favorites right now. They’re user-friendly and easy to navigate, and also very artist friendly.”

Music, from India to LA

The one question that she asks is “Is there really a musical landscape anymore? I think music is universal and that benefits artists like me. The digital environment is the key for reaching people all over the world. You don’t have to be in LA to release music there anymore and vice verse. You could be sitting in Alaska and release something that blows up in India. As long as you put out great content and market it well on platforms, especially digital, I think your landscape is the world.”


When being asked for the content creation she told us that it’s always authentic and emotional. Natania is a focused and dedicated artist when it comes to creating good music. According to her, for music to be real, it needs to be created in its absolute form, not being under the influence of any external factor. She, however, suggests that the best formula to generate engagement on social media, creating constant content is the winning mantra. 

Being An Influencer

Natania points out that it is much easier to reach a big number of targeted audience through influencer marketing.

She feels that amid the struggle of ‘what brands want to communicate’ and ‘what your audience want to get’, a musician needs to take an esoteric decision. While agreeing to the need of influencer marketing agencies, she pushes the need to find a fine balance between the two requirements. She says that “The moment you find that balance – that’s gold.”

While sharing her experiences about her favourite campaigns she mentions, “I loved working on the song ‘I See The Fire’ that was placed on the official trailer for ‘I Am Cait’.  It came from a super emotional and raw space and that definitely translated to the trailer.”

When we asked if she has a message for the young musicians who are trying to make their space in the crowded markets she said, “Collaborate, create content you believe in. You always have to be who you are and keep hustling. ”

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