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Micro influencers or brand ambassadors: Which one suits you?

Around 3.2 billion people are exposed to the internet and are the regular consumer of information that is bombarded from all directions towards them. According to Forbes, an account with over a million followers can earn upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post (depending on its engagement).

Get a clear understanding of both

Micro Influencers and brand ambassadors are often misinterpreted as being synonymous. Although they perform a similar job the outcome varies widely. Micro influencers tend to attract like-minded people, reaching to a mass audience while brand ambassadors are brand loyalists, they stand by the ideologies of brands and become an advocate for them.

Both brand ambassadors and micro influencers are capable of providing a successful campaign but it their ideologies and content should be in line with the ideology of the brand otherwise the campaign will fail miserably. There are a few things a company should consider before investing in micro influencers and brand ambassadors.

Few factors to consider while you are still juggling with micro influencers or brand ambassadors: which one suits you?

A brand’s campaign is the prime factor

Micro influencers are the reach tools for the brand, they produce high-quality content, demand higher pay and low time commitment but they reach out to a number of people. On the contrary, brand ambassadors have less reach relatively but the engagement rate is higher and they are considered comparatively more authentic and credible than micro influencers. Brand ambassadors are seen as the extensions of the brand’s personality, they associate themselves with the brand, and they are brand loyalists which means that they have been consuming the products or services provided by the brand for a long time. They are also known as brand advocates because they have been satisfied by the services and spread the word of mouth and influence others into consuming products of that brand.

Brands should choose amongst these by deciding if they want a long-term campaign or a short term. Short term campaigns are effective with micro influencers as the reach is high while long-term campaigns are successful with brand ambassadors as they have a high engagement ratio because over the time they influence their small audience into becoming a brand loyalist and advocate.

The game of reach and engagement

Reach and engagement ratios are inversely proportional to the number of followers. As the number of followers increases, the reach and engagement level decrease. According to marketers, the ideal combination for a high reach and engagement level is 10,000 to 1,00,000 followers it is when the likes, comments and shares are at the peak.

Micro influencers are hard to find as more and more people are coming up with their individual blogs and websites. Hence, making it difficult to identify an influencer that would be appropriate for the brand which demands a lot of time and effort. Micro influencers are harder to manage because a single influencer cannot create buzz about the product or service the brand wants to flaunt. For higher reach, multiple micro influencers are involved which means more energy and efforts are required to identify and manage more influencers. Micro influencers, establish a close relationship with their audience building the trust, hence reaching a large number of people

Brand ambassadors generate a series of images which may or may not be high quality but help build trust and relationship with the audience in the long run. On the other hand, micro influencers produce a few high-quality images which are successful in the short run.

Be cautious in identifying the influencers

Identification of such influencers and brand advocates is of crucial importance. Brands should be very cautious while choosing an influencer for their campaign as it is not necessary that someone with high followers will yield required response.

For helping brands in identifying the appropriate set of brand ambassadors or micro influencers, platforms like Greenroom provide them with a number of influencers who would be appropriate for their campaign and brand. At Greenroom we identify an influencer for the brand based on their criteria and requirements, making each campaign a successful one.

Both micro influencers and brand ambassadors have their own merits and demerits and will be successful if chosen cautiously, only if they are not expected to do each other’s job. Although the job seems familiar, now you have a clearer picture of whom should you choose for your next campaign?

Greenroom is the one-stop solution for all your influencer marketing requirements. Catering to your all customized needs, we make influencer campaigns work easily like never before.

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