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Male Beauty Influencers You Need To Follow

It’s 2021 and still male beauty hasn’t taken prominence. But, thankfully it’s one the rise. In a country like India, focus on beauty and skincare often comes with a lot of stigma and ridicule. The society has put a big distinction between male grooming and beauty with the latter being something that is not acceptable according to their patriarchal notions.

But off-late we have been seeing a shift where male beauty is slowly being normalized. A majority of the credit for this goes to the influencers on Instagram who have been actively normalizing make-up, skincare routines and beauty products for men.

Here are some of our favourite male beauty influencers

Ankush has been a champion of male beauty and skincare for quite some time now. He equates skincare with self-love and his for all make-up tutorials are a treat to watch. He now even has a separate page called Wing It with Ankush Bahuguna where he promotes beauty for all ages and gender. You should just follow it to watch the entertaining banter he has with the other popular influencer for whom he does make-up.

Shantanu combines make-up with art to serve us with some stunning visuals that make male beauty as aspirational as it can get. His entire Instagram page is a visual treat. You should follow him just to get inspired by the art he has created out of make-up.

Siddharth has been very vocal about gender-neutral beauty and fashion. He manages to make a statement while keeping entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. You should definitely follow him for his fashion and make-up tips.

Glam looks, vibrant hues and stunning eye make-up, you’ll find all of this and more on Deep’s Instagram handle. From drag to goth, you’ll find him experimenting with everything with the result being spectacular every time. So, if you have ever wondered how to rock a vibrant eye make-up just hop on to his Instagram for infinite inspiration.

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favourite male beauty influencer? Let us know in the comments below!

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