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Let’s Celebrate Women Everyday

Every year with the onset of March, we see several posts, blogs, gifs, videos, etc celebrating women’s day. We dedicate, eighth of March solely to talk about women and their achievements and then we forget about them. So this year, let’s celebrate women every day without dedicating any particular day of the year.

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We come across women who celebrate their being every day and set themselves as idols. They have carved a niche in the far extended male-dominated fields like sports, comedy, politics, fashion designing, corporate, etc.On February 19th, 2018, India saw its first female fighter jet pilot soaring the sky. Avani Chaturvedi created history by being the first lady in the country to do so. Or last year on 23rd July, the entire country acknowledged the presence of an Indian women’s cricket team when Mitali Raj and her teammates took on England’s team in the ICC Women’s World Cup.

State Leadership: An Opportunity for Global Action: Michael Froman: Indra Nooyi

Women have successfully made their presence felt in the competitive world like Pepsico’s current CEO Indira Nooyi or IPS officer Dr Kiran Bedi.  These are remarkably strong women who have created a mark in their respective fields and have inspired women to break barriers.

Women today can dream of even going to the space like Kalpana Chawla or bringing laurels to the country by winning the Miss World title like Manushi Chillar.

Even top brands understand the potential and influence that women have on the society and endorse women influencers as their brand ambassadors.  Women have been the centric force of our lives, starting from our mother, sister, wife and daughter. So let’s take a decision to not just appreciate their care, love and support on one day but every day of our lives.

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Women like ace Tennis player Sania Mirza, global entertainers like, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, stand up comedians like Aditi Mittal and so many more have proved that they are more than capable of all the things that men are. Let’s take a pledge to empower our women so that they could break all glass ceilings and achieve their dreams of making the country proud.

Please let us know about the ladies in your life that you would like to celebrate and cherish every day.

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