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Legally foodie – Amogh Tiwari

I remember someone telling me “I won’t be happy with technology until I can download food”. Amogh Tiwari is binding food and technology together treating all his followers with a savoury reading.

Team GreenroomBuzz had a treat while catching up with him.

Amogh Tiwari, a final year law student who started writing to slay his stress at work continued his passion for food, travel and technology through his delightful blog site Salt and Sandals.  When team greenroom buzz asked Amogh how it all started, he unfolds, “I started writing about food 6 years ago on platforms like “Zomato” and “Trip Advisor”. Writing acts as a stress buster from the daily day jobs we lead.To nurture my skills further I devoted 1.5 years to a food blog and finally, one day decided to create my own brand Salt and Sandals. It brings together people from all walks of life whose primary love is Food, Travel and Technology.  I also work as an independent influencer for various reputed brands.”


Regarding his team, Amogh and his lovely team operate in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata and together travel to national and international destinations to collaborate with new brands. He says, “Our three major parallels include food, travel and Technology. We host a wide range of content from food experiences, stays in hotels, partnering with tech- giants along with a small section on our experience with the different fashion industry.”

When we asked which was his favourite social media platform he says, “My favourite social media platform is Instagram as I am able to portray a perfect image. My Instagram follows a certain theme and we post about 3 major subjects which makes it more appealing to our viewers.”

2017-09-27 (2)

“I am an organised person so as a food& travel blogger having all my photos organised and edited with captions to commemorate the memory is very nice.”

When asked about the current digital F&B landscape of India, Amogh remarks, “The current digital F&B landscape in India is dominated by influencer marketing. The beauty of influencer marketing content is that readers don’t care it’s sponsored if they are inspired—at that point, they’ve decided to make the recipe/buy the ingredients/pin it for future use.”

Amogh also comments on how today’s world is getting digitalized for gaining information on almost all aspects. He adds, “When people are looking for recipes and new food and drink products to try, they no longer search through traditional recipe books and magazines. They go to Pinterest; they look at recipe videos from Facebook pages and Youtube and they search for specific recipes on Google. They read reviews and recommendations before deciding on what to eat or cook.”

Tips for the budding food bloggers out there: “I would say there is only one word that you have to keep in mind before blogging. ‘Persistence’ most of them give up in the first 2 months when they don’t see the results. It takes time. Growing slowing is not bad, staying stagnant is a problem though. If you ask me when is the best time to start blogging? It was 10 years ago. When is the next best time? Now is the best time.” – Amogh

Amogh urges people to go through food blogs and reviews from renowned food bloggers to have a clear picture of the best restaurants around them and the kind of food they serve. He also asks them to interact with the bloggers for any queries by commenting in the comment section of the blog posts.


“Every business is based on an ethic.”

A prominent food influencer himself, Amogh thinks influencer marketing has always been an integral form of marketing in India. He remembers of him buying products endorsed by SRK or Sachin Tendulkar. He feels the influencer marketing agencies are the important intermediaries who bridge influencers, brands and consumers together.

Talking about the symmetry between what the brand wants to communicate and what the audience wants to get, Amogh says “It is very important for us as a team to convey our requirements as we get the deliverables from a brand.  Here, if the product is not in sync with the theme of our blog, we just vehemently decline the proposal or put it hold until the time we get an adequate opportunity to integrate the brand into our story. “


“We blog about the latest trends in our industry and also allow followers to contribute on our site or social media platforms.”

Speaking about the kind of relationship he would like to maintain with the brands he beautifully adds, “To be honest, it depends on the brand. Majority of times they do come back and we form a long-term relationship. I believe if you’re honest with your approach and true to your deliverables the brand will surely come back to you and enable that long-term partnership.”

A word to your admirers: “I would just like to thank them for their constant love and support. I believe somewhere destiny and good word of mouth about my work played a vital role in making me what I am today.”

People like Amogh are putting in efforts to reinvent the collective consciousness of all food lovers of the country with the touch of the new age digital. We wish Amogh all the success in his future endeavours.

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