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Key Social Media Metrics You Should Monitor As An Influencer


Social media performance metrics are a set of parameters that determine the how well one has been doing on his/her social profiles. For all social media influencers, it is vital to keep a track of their social media performance, for that’s their battleground. These metrics help us identify our strong points and also point out places where we need to improve, providing us with a complete quantified analysis of our quality.

Social media metrics show completely different values for free posts (also called ‘organic’) and paid promotions. Paid promotions are heavily used by brands and not so much by influencers. That’s a different ballgame altogether. Hence, let’s keep them out of the discussion. Let’s look some of the most relevant indicators across most social media platforms (for organic):


Also called as ‘Likes’ in the case a Facebook page, this gives us a clear figure of the number of people connected to us on a particular platform. Although readily visible on every profile, this is a major parameter for our growth.

It’s important to note that this number can go down as well. People can un-follow us at any given time. It is advisable to track the growth rate over a regular interval of time.

Post Reach

This is a post based marker that counts the number of views one particular post has been able to receive. This metric is a dependent on the performance factors of the post. Better the post performs, more is the reach of the post. That’s how the algorithm of all leading social channels function. Thus, let’s try to understand the metrics covering the performance of posts.


The performance of a post is largely dependent on how engaging has it been. Engagement is a complex indicator, divided into various available options people can interact with a particular post, namely –


We all know what this is. Just a matter of a single click, but it adds on to the engagement score.


Conversations are a significant part of engagement. If a post is inciting several comments, it can be considered to be doing really well.

Share / Retweet

If people start sharing a particular post, it can be considered as highly successful. It’s not easy to get someone to share a post unless it is really worthwhile.

Likes, Comments, and Shares together constitute the engagement metric of a post. But each of them is not an equal participant in the process. As per the edge rank algorithm of Facebook, ‘shares’ have the highest value followed by ‘comments’ and lastly ‘likes’. Though all three are essential, the aim should encourage people to share and comment on what we post for a better performance.

Start tracking your social media performance using these basic metrics from today.


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