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Influencer Marketing done right for the #7HourMarathon Campaign

Duroflex recently launched their #7HourMarathon activity which was a 14-day long twitter campaign from 16th January 2018. The campaign was aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of adequate sleep in an age of gig culture amongst the ever busy urban Indian youth. Duroflex aimed at engaging the audience with an element of surprise and encouraging them to participate in the 7-Hour-Sleep-Marathon challenge.

Greenroom, India’s leading influencer marketing platform collaborated with Duroflex to execute the campaign through all stages. The first challenge was to correctly identify the influencers who resonate with the campaign. Keeping in mind the sentiment quotient of the campaign, team Greenroom used social media analytics to sort out influencers who could actively advocate the health benefits of adequate sleep with an element of fun in it. Zeroing down on Milind Soman and Abish Mathews would’ve never been a tough choice. Milind, popularly called the fitness ‘ironman’ of India, is probably that one celebrity who has left almost everyone else behind in running marathons and endorsing a healthy lifestyle.

Milind Soman

The campaign has been designed to keep the audience hooked throughout. The first phase of the campaign started with a teaser tweet by Milind which aimed at garnering the maximum response, achieved through a hint of surprise in the message. The tweet managed to cause quite a stir and the Twitterati, confused by his words had an array of response to it.

Milind Tweet
Audience trolls 1
Audience trolls
NDTV screenshot
Sccopwhoop screenshot

The response for the teaser tweet turned out to be immense and #7HourMarathon started trending within a few hours. As the initial traction started gaining more steam with millions of people engaged, it was now the correct time to talk about the real aspect of the #7HourMarathon challenge. Greenroom got on board, stand-up comedian Abish Mathews. Abish has a bit of everything that the urban youth today relates to and thus, fitted the bill perfectly.

Abish, in a video, got engaged in dialogue with Milind discussing about the importance of sleep among other aspects. Abish was also the first one to take the lead from Milind and register for the #7HourMarathon, thereby, encouraging all others to follow suit.

The third phase of the campaign has been designed to include follow-ups from the audience and their reactions, where the audience shares their experience of taking part in the activity by sharing a picture of themselves with the hashtag #7HourMarathon. The final phase of the campaign concludes with a Thank You video from the influencers.

Audience 1 Reaction
Audience 3 Reactions

Just over a week down, the campaign is already boasting of great numbers with nearly 16M impressions and more than 39K engagement. The hashtag, #7HourMarathon, has hit 4.9M impressionsUnsurprisingly, the #7HourMarathaon campaign has already started attracting eyeballs from all around and has been featured by The Economic Times, NDTV and ScoopWhoop.

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