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Influencer Campaign for Titan WE – The Smartwatch specially curated for Women


Titan worked with influencers in promoting their Titan WE product which is a smartwatch specially designed for Women. Titan looked at promoting the fitness tracker which is one of the best features of the Titan WE collection. In this campaign Titan collaborated with Greenroom to use influencers in promoting the latest product in their collection. Influencers received the Titan WE watches and were asked to create unique content by integrating the fitness tracker feature. The influencers created a mix of image and video content for the campaign. The content revolved around influencers trying to reach their fitness goals as part of their day to day activities using the Titan WE smartwatch.


Influencers: Shaurya Sanadhya, Pooja Mundhra and Nilam Parmar




Influencers part of this campaign talked about simple and relatable instances where they would be using the Titan WE watch as part of their day to day activities. Using Fashion influencers for the campaign helped in placement of the product as a fashion accessory.

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