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Indian festivals of 2018 – Influencer Marketing statistics

Influencer Marketing has seen the biggest growth over any other method of marketing in the past couple of years. It has been forecast that the industry will reach a $5 billion mark by 2020. There have been different kinds of campaigns that have been done in the form of influencer marketing. Here are some of them:

  1. Sponsored Content

  2. Affiliate Marketing

  3. Contests and Giveaways

  4. Shoutouts

  5. A customized hashtags

  6. Events

  7. Unboxing

  8. Exclusive product sent to the influencers

While these are some types through which influencer marketing is done, brands have spotted festivals as a key time to focus on campaigns.

Dussehra 2018 Marketing Statistics

Dussehra has always been one of the top celebrated festivals of India. In fact, it is one of the biggest festivals of the year. The celebrations extend beyond any single cultural background and are enjoyed by people from all walks of life. The whole country basks in the annual celebration of Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana.

Many well-recognized brands have flooded Instagram with various posts full of celebration. The different campaigns by the brands have shown their creativity. This year’s wave of digital merry-making reinforces the festive values of Dussehra along with some product placement.

In 2018 alone, the hashtags related to Dussehra seems to have gathered 100,000 posts and more than 13800000 engagement on these posts. Some of the most commonly used hashtags were #Dussehra, #Vijayadasmi, #HappyDussehra and #Dussehra2018.

Even bigger and international brands like Louis Philippe India moved in on the festive greetings to be noticed in the hashtag storm.


Diwali 2018 Marketing Statistics

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in the country and brands leverage these cultural movements.  A lot of them seem to have been working round the clock to ensure that their brands stand out on social media marketing platforms during Diwali. These brands have also remembered that while being creative with their advertisements, they need their Diwali wishes to make an impact of the brand name in their audience’s minds.

The top tags related to Diwali have gathered a massive post rate of more than 3 million and an engagement rate close to 7 million including comments and likes on Instagram. Some of the popular hashtags of the festival have been #diwali, #diwali2018, #happydiwali, #diwaliparty, #diwalidecor and #deepavali

Even iPhone XS went the simple way of celebrities adding a simple mention of the product on their feed. The below photo of Mallika Dua, a well-known Indian comedian got close to 40,000 likes and 200 comments over a day.


Another example was that of thatbohogirl, a popular Instagram influencer and a fashion blogger who collaborated with Faceu official and announced an exciting contest as a Diwali special. The upcoming brand got 600 posts on their customized hashtag #faceu_diwaliselfie and more than 50,000 likes and comments as engagement on the mentioned post.


An ethnic clothing brand, Sabhyata launched its #RedefiningtheCelebration Diwali campaign to unfold a new dimension to the father-daughter relationship this festive season. The hashtag was shared on Twitter.

Some interesting statistics about Instagram on the festival days:

  1. In the past month, Instagram has consistently had over a billion users every day.

  2. Over any festive period, the usage of the platform goes up to a whopping 68% more than the usual usage rate.

  3. Over 90% of the users on Instagram are aged 35 and below.

  4. Instagram gets about 95 million photos on a daily basis. On festive days, this number gets added by another 4 million.

  5. 80% of the business accounts post on festive days.

  6. Video posts have the highest engagement rate (38% over the regular posts).

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