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How to get paid for blogging

If you are just starting out with your blog, it can be difficult to understand how to get paid through blogging and how to write a blog that brands are willing to pay you for. Even as a successful blogger themselves, many are keen to know the nitty-gritty of paid collaborating through blogging.

Should you work your way to create a name first? Should you only collaborate with known brands? Should unpaid work be accepted? These frequently asked questions form the basis of the struggle that many bloggers go through in their initial days. The answer to these FAQs is extremely subjective. Different routes work for different bloggers. The one route that will work the best for you is the one that you feel comfortable with. Speaking to a few fellow bloggers on their chosen route and success story will also help you build a strong brand.

Paid blogging can be achieved with a blog that has unique content and a loyal fan following, that engage on the blog on a regular basis. Unique content is the key and will equal to major growth, sometimes even in a shorter time span. Being able to see experiences in a different light is quality brands thrive on and love. The digital audience also loves to see something new online. Therefore, I suggest you go differently with your content route, to acquire more paid blog success.

Your audience also plays a major role in creating a blog that feels established and successful. Building an audience that is loyal and trusts your content will take time. However, an established blog and a loyal audience that keeps coming back to your blog will definitely lead you to earn an income from blogging. Though, your paid value will be directly proportional to the size and engagement percentage of your audience.

Below, I am sharing my insight on the different ways by which you can make money through your blog and with whom should you collaborate for a long, successful blogging journey.

  1. Advertisements

With advance digitization, the whole world has now come within our reach with just a click. There is a heavy flow of content from various brands who want to get their products known to the wide digital audience that forms their customer base. Blogging also serves as one of the mediums of information that is much in demand irrespective of any industry.

There are four types of ads by which you can get paid for your blog.

CPC Ads – Cost per Click (CPC) ads are usually ads that pop up on the side of your content banners. Every time a reader clicks on the ad, leading them to the brand’s page, the blogger gets paid a pre-decided amount. CPM Ads – Cost per Impression ads are ads where you get paid depending on how many people viewed the ad. Reviews – This has, nowadays, become one of the most common marketing practices for brands. Usually, when a brand launches a new product in the market, they send those new products, as free merchandise, to popular bloggers for highlighting their product to their audience. Monetary benefits can also be claimed, depending on the popularity of the blogger. Display Ads – Ads that are usually placed in the header, sidebar or footer of your blog article, are called Display Ads. Google AdSense helps you with the placement of such ads. Other sources such as Infolinks and also help you with the same.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger, you can simply include affiliate links in your content to get paid by the linked brands. For example, Amazon Associates is one such platform, used for the same purpose.

Now, if the question arises as to what is affiliate marketing, let me put it simple and straight – If an advertiser wants to sell a new or existing product to a particular audience, which matches your fan following, they will give you a commission each time a buyer visits their page from your site. For this, they will share a customized affiliate link with you, which can track the buyer’s activity. You can place the affiliate link in your banner ads or within your content. To know more, please click here.

  1. Building your Credibility

Blogging is one of the most trusted sources of information in today’s time. A huge amount of information flows amongst the digital audience every day, with a major percent flowing in the form of blogs. It is, therefore, very important to build your credibility as a blogger. Only once your content is read, loved and followed by many, then you will be known as a popular, successful blogger in the industry. Basis this authority, companies may approach you to write a book for them or can even ask you to include their product/service links in your content, for which you can ask them to pay you a separate amount. You can read more on how to become a blogger to build your relationship with the audience.

  1. Digital Products

Many bloggers have begun to sell digital products like exclusive merchandise, activity workshops, photographs, eCourses, and eBooks to their fan following. Such is their reach amongst their fan base that this has instantly turned them into successful billionaires.

For example, Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella, started her career as a fashion and beauty blogger in Britain in 2009. As of today, she has amassed millions of followers on various social media platforms, is a popular Youtuber, has launched numerous extremely successful ranges of beauty and lifestyle products, written 3 books with Penguin Publications and won various awards.

Such is the demand for exclusive digital products amongst today’s audience that they have now become a successful digital marketing trend for others to follow.

  1. Blogging for various platforms

Nowadays, as a proficient blogger yourself, you can promote your brand by writing blog articles for various marketing platforms and get paid for your content. As a beauty, travel, or even fitness blogger, you can take-over the brand’s blog for a day and share your insight with the brand’s audience. This is accounted beneficial to both parties, where the blogger and the brand mix their audience to gain more followers.

One such rapidly growing industry is Influencer Marketing. This concept is very new yet growing at a rapid pace, with celebrities and micro influencers signing up with an agency to further promote their blog. The influencers have realized that if they want to reach out to more brands and get noticed on social media, then they will have to have a support system that guides them further in the right direction.

With content generation selling like hot cakes for brand marketing, it has become essential for the bloggers to pair with someone who is beneficial to them and understands the effort being put by them for years.

Blogging can be a part of your career and you can earn from it, simply by putting in your skills of writing and pairing it with the right marketing trends. Becoming a successful blogger and getting paid for your blogs is not a one-day affair. You need consistency and have to give it enough time for it to work. Adopting the trends shared above can lead you further on the journey to paid blogging. Keep following us as in my next blog, I will be sharing some topics regarding social media trends and influencer marketing.

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