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How Tinder’s top campaigns cracked the shy Indian dating market

Tinder has been around since 2012 and ever since the app’s launch in 2014 in India, the country’s dating apps have grown in number. Tinder claims to have caused over 2 billion matches on its platform making it one of the most popular mobile apps across the globe.

Tinder’s entry into India, where it was considered to be a conservative market when it comes to dating, was a total surprise. With a variety of campaigns that was focussed towards Millenials, the app gathered its full forces with their marketing strategies in the country. It was no wonder that a younger, marketing focussed brand like Tinder incorporated influencer marketing into its larger advertising strategy – apart from its TV ads and social media campaigns, to raise brand awareness and attract new users. Tinder partnered up with multiple influencers over a number of campaigns in India to gain popularity.

Tinder’s Indian marketing

Greenroom picked some of the top campaigns by the brands that stamped its entry and made it one of the top downloaded apps in the past decade in the country.

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Swipe Stories

Tinder’s long-running  Swipe Stories campaign focuses on the users’ cute and quirky experiences on the app. While the Instagram audience have been lapping it up and posting experiences with the hashtag, the brand also collaborated with influencers like Kenny Sebastian and Kaneez Surka to give a push to this heartwarming campaign. The hashtag now has over 1000 personal posts from the audience filled with stories.

#SwipeStories “As a comedian who travels a lot, it gets tough to meet people. I also just got out of a very long relationship, so getting back into the single life always seems like jumping into an ocean of flesh eating sharks (and the fact that the ocean is cold). With my travelling lifestyle, many women get super frustrated by how fast or unpredictable my plans are. Tinder was perfect, I met a lot of women who were in a similar state as me so we hit it off instantly. What was a huge learning experience for me was how the attitude towards dating in India has changed. Gone are the days of only one shot at a perfect relationship for life. People want to meet new people and experience new things to make sure they learn from it and figure out what exactly they are looking for. I also appreciate the courage it takes for men and women to put themselves out there and 'touch wood' I have only had great experiences with people who have been open and warm. Once before a Tinder date, I wasn't sure if my match would like the place I had picked. It was a park and I had hoped we could grab lunch and then go for walk in the park. The lunch went really well but then I surprised her by renting bicycles and riding around. To my surprise, she seemed super competitive and we ended up racing around the streets. We then headed to get some drinks and before we knew it, we started dancing too! It was amazing how organically the lunch date turned into a whole day of hanging out and playfully competing with each other. One of the main things that make me swipe right is a profile that tells a story. Pictures where she isn't trying too hard to look unbelievably perfect and ideally a photo where she looks silly. I love energetic and fun girls, especially those who love dogs, dancing and theatre. Overall, I am genuinely excited about my future Tinder adventures. From travelling to different countries, meeting women of different ages and being let into their life stories is something totally worth going out of your comfort zone for.” Hit the link in the bio to share your #SwipeStories as well!

A post shared by Tinder India (@tinder_india) on Sep 15, 2017 at 11:48pm PDT

Single not sorry

Tinder’s “Single, Not Sorry” campaign for Tinder kicked off with a series of digital/social ads featuring women dating the way they want to. The women here are unapologetically single, confident, and meeting new experiences head-on. They embody what single is today.

A post shared by Tinder India (@tinder_india) on Nov 22, 2016 at 9:09pm PST

The brand collaborated with Indian influencers who generated personalized content and talked about enjoying their single lives.

 Eat Pray Swipe

Tinder collaborated Eat Pray Swipe takes the app experience of Tinder and brings it to life – browsing, swiping left or right, going on a date and repeating the whole cycle, endlessly.

The video featured a few TVF influencers with a story around using the app features. Since most of the video’s audience are Tinder users, relatable situations were depicted in it. But there are also those who are skeptical about the app, and for them the video is a demo of sorts – it goes on to say that as the way we communicate has changed, so has the way we meet, and date people around the world.

Tinder Nook

Tinder joined hands with Penguin Random House to help bookworms in Delhi find each other – and, maybe, buy books together. This campaign was focussed on helping book lovers in Delhi meet and to “promote book reading and literature”

What began as a brainstorm over how to promote Penguin Random House’s romances through conversation and discussion eventually led to the association with Tinder – though with a chaste objective: encourage love, for reading. Penguin Random House India puts it: “We’re making books and writers discoverable to a new set of converted and potential readers in the hope that this will also lead to larger conversations and interactions around books and reading.”

What happens when a publisher and a dating app play matchmaker? Almost nothing.

This evoked organic reactions on multiple social media platforms from influencers and other audiences.


Tinder also celebrated Valentine’s Day in India by partnering up with Zomato. The two brands came together to create a ‘Tinderlicious‘ collection on Zomato, advising would-be where to find the best food and ambiance in their city.

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The ‘Tinderlicious’ Collection was available in multiple cities like – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh.

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