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How influencer marketing is changing weddings

Over the past few years, the online presence has become almost indispensable in terms of wedding planning. It is full of endless inspiration that it almost makes the pre-influencer generation be envious of the current options. and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Another platform, Instagram is currently estimated to have nearly a billion active users. According to Mintel, a whopping 29 percent of the women users recognize Instagram as their significant source of inspiration for their weddings.

The search term “wedding” on Instagram generates 130 million posts with both personal and influencer posts. While some of these posts come from soon-to-be brides and grooms, many of them are, in fact, the work of wedding Instagram influencers.

The Millenial way of weddings: 

On her commute to work every day, Sonia gathers a list of photos from Instagram and Pinterest for her wedding board.

“I am getting married next year, but I already have a great deal of information about different venues, the decor, clothing, and jewelry, etc,” she says. “Instagram is a treasure trove for wedding inspirations. I just have to figure out what I really love. I just found my favorite blogger doing a beautiful kite themed wedding, but I wonder if it goes with my dream wedding idea.”

The wedding industry has always been huge in the country and now social media and influencer marketing are contributing to it in a big way.

  1. 83% of wedding planning is now done online

Retailers and marketers have unquestionably caught on to the online wedding inspirations as well. A lot of the photos or content are created by them to inspire prospective brides and grooms. Savvy businesses are tapping into the wedding market by making the search easier by creating social accounts themselves for the public to access.

A lot of local decor business owners have tapped into this in their own unique way. “We don’t need an online presence or even create our own marketing ideas. The current generation is very clear about what they want. It is a practice currently to ask the brides and grooms what the requirements and they whip out their phones and show us a bunch of photos from their favorite Instagrammer or Pinterest account.”

  1. Using wedding planning apps

Websites like wedmegood, weddingsutra have caught on early to the online wedding mania and have started teaming up with influencers and other wedding-related social accounts to reach out to a wider audience. All thanks to the listicles and photos, our options have become endless!

Instagram has also contributed to the trend of creating wedding hashtags for a couple. Pinterest and Instagram are overwhelmingly the most visited resources for wedding inspiration.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-05 at 18.02.04

The big reach for businesses 

Since weddings have always been a huge income generator for event planners, some big wedding parties collaborate with brands for a wedding to also create an online presence.

In a remarkably short span of time, Instagram has enabled us to document our everyday life ranging from our earthly thoughts to the bigger milestones. So, inevitably, weddings and Instagram have been having a huge influence on each other.

The pressure to create an Insta-worthy wedding is on the rise. The platform has not only paved way for the brides and grooms to choose photographers, venues, decor, and clothing, but also has created an incessant desire to share the moments online. Still hanging to the tradition of “Photos or it didn’t happen”. Planning a wedding can be arduous, even without the burden of it looking Insta-worthy. The planners who seem to be ahead of this trend say that they ensure that the friends and family have fun at the wedding and that is their key success metric.

Brands and wedding influencers

Brands have definitely taken notice of this trend and are cashing in. A lot of the influencers coordinate the dates of their wedding with multiple sponsorships from the brands.

Look at the most talked wedding of the year, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Nick Jonas partnered with Lime bikes for his groomsmen party.

Social media weddings are also prone to creating unrealistic expectations. While pages like wedmegood, the wedding brigade has always had a constant stream of mentioning brands in their page, the industry is also diversifying to get more relatable.

With influencer weddings happening all over Instagram and other social media, these platforms have become a go-to source for wedding inspiration. About-to-be-married folks are turning to influencers and brands online more and more every year to help plan their wedding. So long as brides and grooms continue to plan weddings and source online, wedding Instagram influencers will sustain strong influence within the industry.

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