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Hacks for becoming a Fashion Blogger with a low budget.

We often hear that the first impression is the last impression but we are often served with the flashy branding information which makes many of the fashionistas weary of taking up fashion blogging as something that requires a lot of cash burn for buying fashion paraphernalia. But! The good news for all of you planning to start your fashion blog is that you don’t always need to have burned a hole in your pockets. There are certainly some great hacks which this article will take you through to give you some trade secrets into having your budget friendly fashion venture into blogging.  



When it comes to budget fashion, accessories can go a long way. They have a huge variety to try out, ranging from bags, goggles, caps, wristbands, wristwatches, shoes, shrugs, lipsticks, nail paints, makeup etc. at times plain glasses also could do wonders at defining a particular style statement.



Well though it might come up at a point where most of us would hesitate while giving in to the temptation of the sassy pair that your friend has but why not borrow it for the sake of just a photo shoot? Well, you could probably give them clothing credits in your blog. So dial your friend right now and ask away.

Bargain Shops


Be it a big city or the small town you find them everywhere. You know what I’m talking about right? Yes, the clustered bargain shops. The small shops owned by hawkers and small vendors that sell clothes for throwaway prices. The quality may not be that great or the product life might be pretty saddening but who cares? All we need it for is a good aesthetic space in the cam shot.

Trial Rooms (Trade Secret)


Well, don’t tell this to anyone, not even your best friend. Go be a window shopper, try a good variety of clothes, in an equally good variety of shops. Try the heck out of everything and don’t forget to take pictures to feed your fashion hungry followers.

Affiliate Shoots


There are a lot of clothing brands and outlets out there who would love to get some influencers promoting their brands. So all you need to do is talk to those brands and tell them that you can try their stock samples and post the pictures on your channel. Which would eventually give the brand visibility, and you will anyway have the fun doing what you enjoy eh? New clothes!

Use Custom Cams

Custom cams

I know you neither have that big DSLR or that friend with DSLR to help you with this but worry not. Pick up a phone with a decent camera and install custom third-party cameras like B612, CandyCam, Snapchat Cam etc. Phew, a lot of work huh?

So don’t wait and do it right now, so the first step would be… maybe start with sharing the article if you liked it?

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